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Who wants to go build sand castles?


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Where are you building them? If you're going to do wimpy ones count me out. If you're going all out and making them so big they could crush little kids (that's not my intention, I just want them that big) if they fell over then count me in! Do you have a truck with a plow or shovel scoop ready?


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I'll dig a big sand hole
I love digging till I hit water and then just playing in the muck.
And makin big lounging chairs out of it or a couch or Imaginary hot tub.
Great place to drink on the beach without everyone seeing you



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I think that its a bit cold for that. you see, building sand castles doesn't actually require you to get wet. therefore it's much warmer and practical to do.

As long as the sand isn't frozen solid. then you have to bring in the explosive charges.
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I'm building kitty litter sand castles. The hardened lumps of shit make great spires for the towers. The petrified piss also makes pretty good material for walls.


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i took my neice and nephew to the park yesterday and we were building sandcastles....

then this girl came with her neice and she was hot (the aunt not the neice) and her name was emily

just thought you might want to know