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Who wants to be my date for...


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the Kids in the Hall?


I am having a hard time trying to find someone to go because of financial issues. I bailed on Scott Thompson's show last time cuz of that myself.

But I think my mom wants to buy me a ticket to go for my birthday so anyone up for coming with, let me know via private message or something.

If so, I shall pay for both tix this week (I'm sure all the good ones have been sold out) and you can pay me back whenever. The show is April 1st or 2nd at the old Pantages.

I think it's 50 bucks or the cheapie seats will probably be 35 or so.
CC, you still interested?

I miss them. When are the reruns on tv anyway?


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Nothing can top the live taping I attended back in their prime.. plus it was free! Although i would love to see this..

Can you post all the info?


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THE KIDS IN THE HALL Apr 1-2. $45.50/$59.50. Canon Theatre (used to be Pantages), 244 Victoria. 870-8000.


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Okay, to all the people who messaged me about going, do you still want to go?

I can pick up tickets tomorrow or even tonight before Ticketmaster closes.
Please post in here or PM me if you FOR SURE want to go. Cuz I'll have to borrow money to buy so many tix. And I think I might stick to paying the $45 tix instead of the more expensive ones since the theatre isn't so big anyway.

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Okay, here's the scoop:

It's MONDAY, April 2 in the evening. Most likely 7 or so at the CANON (used to be PANTAGES THEATRE) at Yonge and Dundas.
I'm putting it all on a credit card tomorrow and whoever I get tickets for, you can pay me back when we meet up for the show.

The tickets are $45.50 + charges. So roughly 50 bucks.
They're also really crappy balcony seats since it sold REALLY FAST. Of course it did, it's KIDS IN THE HALL! :)

So far I'm buying tix for Cheer Bear and Tearer.
Anyone else? PM me and we'll figure something out.


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i have to work until about 7 or 7:30 on monday so i can't make it. so sorry sunny. you know i would have said yes to being your date



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Change of plans.

The only available tix are really shitty ones where we get to sit on "stools between ROW O and N in the rear."

So I wanna go see them in Hamilton instead cuz we can get row D, orchestra.

Hamilton Theatre
Saturday, April 6th, 8 pm.
$67 total (charges and fees included, cheaper than Toronto and better seats!)
Josh will be driving back to TO that night probably for something chill since S&D are the night b4.

So as soon as I hear from STACEY (CHEER BEAR), then I'll order the tix pronto.

Anyone else with a car or who wants to drive me to Hamilton i is invited. I don't trust being alone in a car with Josh. :D
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