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Who wants in to the..THEATER!


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Male Intellect at The Music Hall

Ok. There;s a show called the Male Intellect playing at the Danforth Music Hall. It's a one man show about how men suck at romance in general. Supposedly very funny (so I'm told) Tomorrow, Friday Apr 12, is opening night (attendies at previews have said it was funny, just to clear that up) Anyhoo, I have 2 FREE tickets to anyone who wishes to come. Best part is, as I had 4 tickets, you won't have to sit next to me c'ause both sets of tix are in different area's of the music hall.

Let me know via whatever means necessary.
P.S. Link at the top will tell you more.


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but i want to sit next to you....

odes of wrestlemania seats....
next to you AND my brother!! oy!!!

:) :) :)
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