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Who throws better parties?

Originally posted by MoFo
HappyJr, how good a party is is not about which corporate brand is involved.

It's about the ratio of sausages to hoochies. And Benson's got some of those hot chicks in those gold outfits showin' off their tits, yo! Whuddup with that? Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. I'd like to smoke one of them fine bitches.

Oh come on Sunny...

I know you had more to look at then just the hoochies... ;)

Some of those guys...


They were so dispropotionately muscular that I honestly don't understand how they keep their balance.

But then again... That's not all that different from a night at Fly...
Originally posted by Stormshadow
I like the parties McDonald's throws for birthdays.

Voted best pickup spot (pedophile) in Eye's Reader's Poll.



..would you like fries with that, little girl?
Originally posted by vench
I've never been to a Smirnoff event or an X-Box event so I'll have to go with B&H.



Same. All the ones I've been to have been great. :)
Originally posted by Stormshadow
I like the parties McDonald's throws for birthdays.

bwahahahahah! i used to work at mcdonalds and i used to be a hostess for the birthday parties! haha....:D I always got sweet ass tips tho!

on a side not- a while bak for my friends 16th birthday, we had a surprise birthday part with the gurls at mcdonalds! haha :D it was great, we got so baked and had a hilarious time! she used to have all of her birthdays there.......from the age of like 4-12. haha...........oh the memories!

I'll stop now.......;)

To add other wikkid companies to this thread BACKBREAKERS AND 905ive! These guys are my hamilton hero's :D

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