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Who lives here?


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MadWej said:
A triber from Toronto, who would have guessed:)

I have been enjoying it so far. Pretty hard to complain being in the mountains every weekend mind you :D

Came out here for a Job.


I came here for a job to. I don't miss Toronto as much as I thought I would. Apperently after spending a year here, you never go back. I do miss my friends though, and the wild parties.
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so i was chattin with the cutie who works at Queen video and it just so happens that she's originally from vancouver! she made a list of essentials for me:

Benny's Bagels (particularly 'sweet bee's')

and of course Tofino and Long Beach


10 more days!!!


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Videomatica is great.

I finnally got the pricing on sending a bike out by fexex, 75$ door to door from Peterborough then putting it back together and getting a tune up cost 45$, of course if you have tools you don't need that part.
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