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Who just watched 'Quitting"


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WOW that was a goood movie. About a family coping with an out of control drinking and drug smoking son, set somewhere in China. (its hard to concentrate right now cause my girlfriend is watching porn now and this unsettles me)

Anyway the first half hour shows his father desparatly trying to reconnect with his son, enduring insults yelling and confusing behaviour.

from there you sort go back and experience the young mans past and a question arrises - is he screwed from drugs or does schizophrenia play a rloe?

seemingly out of no where he's whipped into a mental hospital were he stays a few months, and eventually comes back home.

Everyone ones happy, the old man got some work and has spiffed up the house (what metaphor?!) etc etc.

In all it probably doesn't sound so earth shaking but its really told in such a beautifull way it really defys the dark side of the subject, if that makes sense.

Highly recomended.

And at the end, it mentioned it was a true story, and the characters, were so real, they played themselves in movie!