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So what's the deal with this guy? Can some of the more educated individuals gimme the low down on what this guy is and or does.

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So would anyone even consider going to see him and Mark Oliver at the Kool Haus....

What the hell was i thinking! I just answered my own question.


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Cool I have finally found a good use for Tribe Board....

Thanks guys...

PS Deep I want to have your babies...
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Although Lafleche entered the dance world in '89, he didn't get his first major break until '94. It was then, at the age of 22, that he secured a weekly slot on Montreal radio station 101.5 FM. His reputation as a DJ who could blend the best elements of house and techno was facilitated by his weekly six-hour live sets. He was so well-known that in '96 Montreal-based 514 Productions offered to be sole agent. They quickly secured him a residency at Montreal's legendary after-hours club Sona, where Lafleche would play for over 2000 clubbers every week. His reputation now firmly established, Lafleche was immediately booked for all large-scale Montreal-based dance events, notably the hugely successful gatherings, Cream, Celebration, and Swirl.

In '98, Turbo Recordings, founded by Mark Dillon and Tiga, asked Lafleche to become the second DJ to grace their Montreal Mix Sessions mix CD series. The release was well-received by dance music press throughout the world, and helped establish Turbo Recordings as a prime outlet for underground Canadian talent. In response to the success of the first release, Turbo invited Lafleche back to mix number four in the series. Montreal Mix Sessions Volume 4 combines smooth progressive mixing skills with an impeccable track selection that takes in elements of funky percussive house and dark loopy techno.

track listing from montreal mix session vol. 4 which will give you an idea of what he plays.

Young & Vincenzini - Final Sax & Sex Version
Jamie Anderson - Latinism Phase Two
Dahlback & Krome - The Real Jazz (Lafleche's Unreleased Mix)
The Hydraulic Dogs - Shake It For Me
DJ Spen - Craze At Midnight
DJ Maxhens - Max It Well
DJ Nekbath - Feel It (Seb In The Dark Mix)
Gene Farris - The Big Doobie
Paranoid Jack - Nocturnal Affairs (Long Mix)
DJ Dan Presents Needle Damage - That Zipper Track (Lafleche's If You Ear Mix)
Tomba Vira - Drums Come Alive
John Kano - Havana Funk
Joe T. Vanelli - Don't Bring Me Down
Trevor Rockcliffe - Love Music
Gene Farris - The Spirit (DJ Sneak Mix)
Bert Dunk - Groove Y'all


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This guy can get a party going and a place thumpin...if you like house, techno or tekhouse...this is your guy..

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