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Who here is in IT?


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Sounds like a company I know of. SUPER technical questions...a full hour grilling, for a desktop support gig. It's like they don't understand that oral testing is not a great representation of how much I knew.

Is the competition for jobs still crazy in TO? That may be why some companies are still doing the grilling.

The real test is set me in place, break stuff and watch me fix it(or ask me to deploy something I've got on the resume) and describe the why/how. It's a far better representation of me as a worker than a bunch of on-the-spot oral exam questions.

I feel for you. Out of interest, does said company's name begin with a J?
it does not :)

Aaron Bradley

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So lucky for me, I'm getting a whole bunch of interviews. I'm getting to the second or third stage when I meet up with the IT Manager.
Now, keep in mind, I'm applying for Tier 1 support. So I'm confused when the manager is asking me insanely hard questions. If I'm given some time, I can figure the answers out, but when I'm put on the spot I fucking choke.
I'll give you an example.
He asked me what a SID was. I knew it. But then he asked me if there were two computers that had the same SID and tried to connect to the domain, what would happen. I knew what would happen. But then, he asked me what error I would get. Like, the exact error. I mean, c'mon.
He then asked me if I've ever installed or upgraded a domain controller in an Enterprise environment. Am I crazy? But this doesn't sound like a great question for an entry level job. I have 0 experience.
It got worse. He asked if I were to write a powershell script and send it over to another computer, he wanted to know why it wouldn't work, and what powershell command I would need to issue to get it to work. Like holy shit guys. I didn't realize a tier 1 help desk job interview would be so insanely nerve wracking
He should be trying to find out if you know how to get the right answers. Obviously you should know how to do basic RCA and/or you should remember some regular occurring errors (dup SID's on net) but to remember a specific error is kinda silly. If you know how to get to the event log and troubleshoot errors, he should be happy.

It should be more interactive and can demonstrate how to do this stuff rather than answering questions in a conversation.

Sounds like you are getting closer though ;-)


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Getting really close guys.
I'm getting calls in for final interviews. I have two this week. As you can imagine, I'm a nervous wreck. Thankfully, landing interviews with the IT managers have given me insight as what to expect, question wise.
Funny enough, most of them are networking, dhcp and dns questions. One manager the other day gave me a VLSM scenario on the fly and before he could even finish asking his question I already knew the answer. I think he was going easy on me though, it was very easy to spot the issue.

Wish me luck guys. I did what you suggested and am only going after tier 1, desktop support positions.

One question though - I get asked this all the time - they ask me how much money I'm looking for. I seriously do not know the answer. I'm green as hell. So I'm baselining it at $35,000. Is that too low? They look at me as if I should be asking for more, and I'm not too sure I should since I lack experience.


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Ya dude ask for 50k I think. 55 even.

At least neither of these should raise eyebrows like you're being greedy or anything


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I mean I don't get it I've applied to a million shit fuck on that bullshit. Oh hey now your CV is over in India and I get spam.


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Well guys, I did it.

They gave me a very handsome offer and I accepted.

I just want to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who took their time to answer my questions. I now embark on my new career in IT! Hurrah!