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Who got thier Phil of Weeks?


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My positively domestic lifestyle put me to bed by 10pm so I missed what was surely a hot night!

Anyone? or do you all still hurt from the beating?
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It was awesome to come out last night - that was my first Weeks experience and it was pretty good. I felt that the set didn't have a smooth flow, at many times I found myself a little lost in what he was mixing, but then he would throw a nice track to redeem himself. I wasn't disappointed, but I wasn't blown away either. He sure is dirty though!

Great to see everybody I saw last night, met a lot of people last night, I think it was the vibe that was fantastic over the music.
Dave... always a pleasure, so nice to party it up with you!

hah Otis, I am a speaker monger! ;)
Ok, my head requires nursing now.


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It was my first Weeks experience as well. Weeks played some dirty bumpy house tracks mixed in with some old classics. I thought in beginning he was pushing the volume too loud and the speakers went out for a little while.

For some reason Weeks's style reminded me of DC back in the Industry days.
Love to hear weeks again and if anyone recorded the set last night...please share:)

DC @ TIL or Dennis Ferrer @ 99 Sudbury....decisions...decisions:confused:


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GivinUsociety said:
For some reason Weeks's style reminded me of DC back in the Industry days.
OMG, I felt the same thing too... I said that to my buddy last night during some of the track he played that made me feel this way...
It was great. :)


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first time at footwork, first time catching Phil Weeks.

LOVED it! and yea, i kinda expected more from him as a DJ, but he played some diiiirtay tunes which totally made up for it :)

p.s., i LOVE the pot friendly patio :D

...and the 'roll-a-joint' friendly back of the club.
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Again its been ages since ive gone out on the regular but Im finding my self at footwork almost every week....

Weeks rocked it. I greatly enjoyed his mixing. I like that he is not affraid to layer tunes for extended periods of time instead of doing the usual. Big thumbs up from me for that.

In the nit picky world the system sounded a little too floored to hear the subtle shit- but I couldnt care less because everyone was havin' a great time.

It was nice hearing his voice over the PA too considering that on a lot of his records he talks. I love this guy!

Pew pew.


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well... i wasn't blown away like i thought i would have been... i had been listening to a three hour set of his on netmusique.com during the day, and i have to say, that is THE BEST SET i have ever heard in my entire life. if anyone knows where i can get a copy, i will officially be your best friend.

the tunes were jackin', dirty, and a bit darker and minimal than i'd been expecting, from what i can remember. i was expecting a bit more of the nasty chicago, fun, electro-y, french, quirky ghetto mash-up that i'd been hearing during the day. shit that makes you scrunch up your face, shout OOOOOOOOOH and then slap your own ass as if it were the last night on earth. the set i was listening to had a dirty remix of "pump up the jam" by technotronic on it!

either way, i had an absolute blast. dcode and mrs. brick are my favourite party partners in crime. TA-RANNN-TU-LAAH!

i ended up leaving shortly after 3, i think, i was still totally wanting to kill it dancing - but was so sauced and tired i could barely stand. every time i turned around to go though, was the minute that i re-convinced myself that the next tune would be the tune i was waiting for. :p

all in all, a wicked night - people, vibe, and music-wise. despite it not being exactly what i'd expected, i'd pay to see phil weeks all over again. (and thanks for the hook ups maria!!)



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I'll post some eventually. My main station is down and I'm not procesing them on my laptop. Hold tight.
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Mrs. Brick

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last night was one of those perfect, music and friend combinations! jess and rob, you guys really float my boat! greg i had a great time dorking out with you!

phil was amazing! footwork is my new super favorite venue!

i give this even 5 bacon pans
baconpan baconpan baconpan baconpan baconpan


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dave has a pic of me kissing the ticket girl. now that they've added the back door i don't get to oggle her quite so much. :(

her tongue is pierced. :O

i like the new smoking section. may i suggest a tiki theme?
i hope it helps with noise problems...
oh i'm sorry - are we being too loud?

the last few weeks (may 2-4, DEMF, and now Weeks) have EX-HaU-STeD me. a low-brain-power review:

Gleeson is the cutiest. he threw down some top-quality house music and put a smile on my face from the second i walked in that club. Hali, who will soon be leaving us for greener pastures and warmer weather -- so get as much of him as you can until then -- threw down some amazing beats. some happy tunage that turned into some bass pumpin dirty dirty before too long.

i don't know if it was some sort of moon phase or if it's just summer, but i wanted to make-out with EVERYONE on Saturday night (or rather 5-6 more specific people). or maybe it was the dirty dirty Phil teased us with. wasn't his best set, but he played some beauties and mixed it up like a master. up until the very last song, there were moments i thought i would die from my hips coming undone, but i had to keep dancing. i remember the last hour being particularly painful - can anyone ID the last 10 songs he played? damn. Joel?

Loopity Goofs' Gord Shields was celebrating his birthday at FW on Saturday night - and Phil played one of their tracks. he was psyched to say the least. reprazent new market yo! ;)

ah Phil... bastard.
all of you: bastards! grumble grumble. damn the dirty frenchman for putting naughty thoughts in my head. damn the footwork crowd for dancing along with me - it's so easy to go crazy on that dancefloor!!

it was fun to meet y'all - :) here's to... the interesting summer ahead and much more dirty dirty at Footwork.

i took like, 4 pictures. I'M SO USELESS. z z z baconpan any questions?


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Everyone was proudly sporting the t-shirts they got (or someone got them) in Detroit:


lol - happy b-day Gord:

k, so i took 13 pics and not 4. still, not very interesting, but for the interested... check out my flickr thingy.
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WOW. So there's a picture of me now on tribe. i look completely fucked. i couldn't figure out why everyone was staring at me all night then i kept remembering my shirt said FUCK on it


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'twas a good jam
good tunes, techy funky stuff
glad to NOT hear the usual suspects played as i have in the last few parties i've hit so everything sounded fresh..some nice classics drops

i think i saw more ppl from my highschool (wtf, don't see anyone for 10 yrs and then 2 wkends in a row) but i didn't remember any of their names

i like the new location of the smoking patio. The tall tables right by the door however, don't take a lot of weight cuz i tried using one as leverage to turn around in my stool and ended up breaking a btl of beer. But i did manage to save one even though i ended up wearing some of it. OOOOOOPA!

the smoke machine (and other recreational endeavours) made my eyes super-dry and i keep forgetting to bring my eyedrops!...i barely saw l'il timmy in front of me :(

thx to everyone that put this together!


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great party (thanks again Maz!)

btw, I kissed the ticket girl too! apparently she was getting around sat night.


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^^ my first time seeing Phil spin. I was expecting something a little more house-y and a little less tech-ish. never-the-less it was great beats and a good crowd.
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JLV said:
great party (thanks again Maz!)

btw, I kissed the ticket girl too! apparently she was getting around sat night.

Little hussy, lol... Feel left out now...Looking back on it now, with a bit more soberity... Great night, met sooo many people there, and eveyone seemed to be having fun.. he he...



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Hali warmed the place-up nice - I liked alot of the tracks he played.

Weeks was definately jackin' and his energy is contagious.

I am reminded that Footwork is one of my favourite places - looking forward to Fukhouse.
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