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Who be watchin' THE JOB on tuesdays?


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I missed pretty much all of last season, but this year my tuesday nights are open so I decided to give it a chance. What an awesome show this is. The writing is superb thus far. Each episode stands nicely on its own, delivering 22 minutes of well-paced content and tons of LOL!s, while hooking you with the continuing, soap opera-style, tale of infidelity. With hilarious twists.

My favourite episode so far was the one in which Michael (Dennis Leary) quit drinking, but got hooked on NyQuil and tested out new erection pills (sporting an 8-hour woody and getting rejected by both his wife and his gf), while working on a medical pot bust.

Every one of the weekly installments is really jam-packed with laughs. Some notable highlights include a drunken cop bbq, guys ping-ponging a corpse between precincts to avoid paperwork, guys abusing a telescope, and last night's episode featuring a guy who broke his jaw on a urinal...

Any other Jobheads or Dennid Leary fans out there?

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Subsonic Chronic

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I'm a pretty huge Leary fan, having watched my precious Lock and Load video dozens of times, but I haven't checked the show out yet. I'll have to catch it next Tuesday, when it is on and what channel?



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yep same here, great show!

I liked the one where he was meeting his misstresses partents at the restaurant and hes telling them he doesnt smoke or drink, and the waiter brings him 2 beers at the same time, several times.

Funny funny show,
from a funny man.


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It's on ABC at 9:30pm on Wednesdays. Great fuckin' show. Last year they only had a few pilot episodes. I was really ticked when it went off the air after only a month. I was extremely happy it came back on a full run a few months ago.

Watch it ... no question about it.

BTW ... everyone should watch the Bernie Mac show also on Wednesdays at 9pm on FOX. Another great show.

-- Jay aka Fut


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I watch The Job on tuesdays, on Global, at 930... Did not know I can see it twice a week... that's good stuff...

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