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Whitby Psych...

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Woody, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. Woody

    Woody TRIBE Member

    So I went out today to take some pictures around the place, only to discover that they have fenced the entire place off, and have demolished most fo the buildings...

    The only large building that is left if the power station, and a few of the residences, all of the other ones have been razed....

    It's a shame because it was always such a cool place to walk around and explore...
  2. geminigirl

    geminigirl TRIBE Member

    damn I really wanted to check that out one day.
  3. JESuX

    JESuX TRIBE Member

    yeah, me too!

    us urbanites miss out on all the fun.

  4. 2shapethefuture

    2shapethefuture TRIBE Member

    boooooooooooo, that sux!!:( like you said, that place was so cool to walk around exploring all the underground tunnells was so freaky. To tell you the truth, I am suprised it took this long for them to start demolishing it. It was fun, but parts of it were pretty dangerous, and with the new houses nearby there were always a lot of young kids messing around there. Seemed like an enormous accident waiting to happen.
  5. Woody

    Woody TRIBE Member

    they are tearing it all down to put up a bunch of new townhouses...

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