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whistler pics........ (full access now)


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k, i am just gonna post the url to my ftp server, as finding the time to thumbnail, and then code html for close to 500 pics just isnt going to happen any time soon, so i have created 2 profile's on my ftp server (and if you want access to 10gb of mp3's msg me on msn: hypertrophy@hotmail.com and i will give you that profile) one of them is for the pics, and the other for the desktop images.....(both should be able to work by just clicking on the links below) take a look and let me know what you think.......

use this to get to the desktop images:


and for the pictures itself:


this should be up 24/7 for the next little while (7 weeks), but if it give you an error it just means my DSL is not connected.... but these images should give you a ruff idea of how mcuh whistler rocks....