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whiskey a-go go is a-evil evil!!!


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Yep last night was my brothers stag .. hes gettin married next saturday so we had an adventure.. first out to Hooters on keele.. then over to whiskey a go go .. then to dave and busters...

lemme tell ya.. i'd never been into a rippers other than the local one out here in ajax/pickering (the palace) and one in oshawa (million dollar saloon)... this place was incredible.... it was done up like a club with all the lights and stuff... and definately no shortage of beautiful women

for one of the features.... she actually got 2 girls up from the crowd... and stripped them naked in a little pool of water with soap /bubbles while the 3 of them frolicked in the water... !! one of the girls that went up was at the table near us with her boyfriend.. dammmn! :)

However.. a lesson was learned.. when you send the groom to be away with a girl for a lapdance... just saying '1 dance' to her does not matter... PAY FIRST.

4 songs later they come back and shes hittin jay and i up for 60$!!

Anyways... for anyone who hasn't been there... GO!.. but make sure you don't need to take money out of the ATM there... 15% surcharge on withdrawals (100$ = 15$ charge)



P.S. I spotted someone from tribe there :) walked right past me but he didn't hear me when i said hey.. i think his attention was elsewhere... it was a certain lifeforce individual :)
I went there a couple of weeks ago. I gave the girl $6.50.Which was the exact price of my drink.Rather than pick-up my money she picked my drink back up and took it way.She said she wasn't gonna serve me if I wasn't gonna tip.


shawn<---was gonna give a a good tip at the end of the night!
ya i definately saw some bitching about tips.. one of the guys with us got a beer.. tipped a buck and she got pissed... several times......

woah! relax! tell your girlfriends giving the dances to charge less and maybe you'll make more ;)

Whiskey is the single reason i've seen my best friend naked more times than any of her past boyfriends have... wonderful place, but sometimes i'd rather just skip the long ass drive and go to the BR
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Has anyone been to Features? Its on The Queensway, between Kipling and East Mall.. Owned by Hell's Angels, these fuckers don't kid around. I haven't been to Whisky's, but this is the best place I've been so far. The girl comes out of this little elevator up on stage.. the girls are all pretty hot! None of that brass rail / zanzibar shit... and they don't harass you for dances either! Me and my buddy always sit in the front and cheer on the girls, and they come up afterwards and have a chat.. nice place, armchairs.. anyway I recommend it for sure.
me+whiskey=puke faced

I don't know maybe it's just me , but whishkey doesn't like me. It makes me too rowdy and I get the spins.

this girl from my work is turning 19 this weekend and wants to go to a strip club, I'm trying to convince her that its worth the drive for Whiskey. Should be a fun night nonetheless. Gettin her completely, utterly TANKED is a necesity.. I think I may even buy her a lap dance! haha

Peace & love. D
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take her on saturday night, it's wet t shirt contest night....

get her to enter the contest if she's a real freak, knawmean?