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Where's the place to get dreads?


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Originally posted by kerouacdude
As for your last sentence, don't you think that's a little sad? That everything's up for grabs, and doesn't have to mean anything anymore? Everything I've ever read indicates that the majority of believers find it annoying at least and disrespectful at worst when people go nappy just for the hell of it.

At the very least you must agree it's bemusing that something that could get you killed in Uganda or Kenya or more recently, scorned for in Jamaica (including by most blacks) gets worn by people who've known very little discomfort.

I agree it is sad, but such is life. This is the world we live in; things do not have to have a specific and unified meaning. That isn't to say that dreads have less meaning for Rastafarians than they used to, but that dreads do not necessarily imply a connection to Rastafari. It is the same as non-Buddhists having little Buddha statues in their house, or having a Buddy Christ action figure. It is annoying or disrespectful to anyone who is honestly a believer, but that is not enough to make people stop using the icons as they see fit.

And yes, I know that it can be seen as a symbol of disrespect in Africa or Jamaica, but that is mainly a cultural difference and something to be aware of when travelling, it should not be much of an issue while in Canada. That being said, it is taken to be offensive by some people here as well, I know that from personal experience.

I also know from personal experience that if you do show their culture/religion a proper amount of respect and don't try to be something you are not, most understand that you are not claiming an affinity with them or claiming to represent them.


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Originally posted by jus me

There's also Dreadmaster Drew on King @ John. He's one of the best out there.

This guy is THE MAN.

I don't know if he's still working any more though, his doctor warned him about arthritis or something... This was a couple years ago, my boyfriend went to him to have his hair done initially, and then every two months or so for upkeep. I actually referred HIM to Drew, a friend of mine had given me his card when I wanted to have MY hair done about 4 years ago.

(unfortunately, that never came to pass... i found $800 to devote to my hair pretty hard to come by)

Pretty ecclectic is *okay* but you may end up looking like you just stepped off the set of a KORN video, as an extra who travelled from the depths of Oshawa to make it to the shoot at 6am, maannnnn!

Your best bet is to find someone who specializes in african hair, imo.


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Originally posted by mingster
that salon at yonge & wellesley, i think it's called house of lords? they do them.

donnnnnnnnnnnnn't do it.

their idea of "a proffesional job" is synonymous with "rubber cement"
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that 420 guy

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i've been planning my dreads for over three years now. had three red mohawks at om 2000 (four day hairstyle) then shaved my head. been working towards dreads ever since. birthday hair 2k4 i will have locks.

over the past few years, i've taken the opportunity to ask every dread i come across (with dreads i like) where they got them done and how difficult they are to maintain.

so far, dreadmaster drew has received the most praise as the best loctician in toronto. and from what i've seen, his dreads look the best. they are tight, clean, and solid. he uses an all natural method of matting the hair far more advanced than back combing and waxing. you will however be spending upwards of $500 to get them done by the dreadmaster. www.dreadmaster.com


next on the list is strictly roots. i've spoken with dreads who got their locks done somehwere else and have reccomended strictly roots. they do not use any additives in your dreads such as beeswax, glue, or thread. you'll be paying about $400 to get your locks done here.



finally, pretty eclectic rounds out the top three (from my little tee dot dread survey). i've heard both good and bad things about pretty eclectic. their rates for locks are $100/hr with a min 3hr charge. a good friend of mine got hers done there and requested that hers be crotched (sp?). well, they did such a shitty job on her dreads (they didn't last, started falling apart) that she ended up cutting them off four months later. she could have gone back to the salon to get them fixed, as the loctician there does stand behind her work, but my friend was so upset that she didn't want to go back. that is only one horror story of pretty eclectic. i've run into others that can't stop singing the praises of their pretty eclectic dreadlocks. you can get both natural and synthetic dreads done there.


overall, i believe that dreads should be earned. given that, i also believe that if you are going to have a specific hairstyle for a long period of time, you should spend the money to get it done right. in the end, i will most likely end up getting the dreadmaster to do my dreads. i am most impressed with his work and can't wait to swing my locks at om this year. my three year hair plan will finally come to fruition this june :D

hey conductor, i hope the results of my research helps you with your decision.


- that birthday hair guy :cool:
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i got dreads done by dreadmaster drew about 8 years ago. everyone told me it wouldn't work with my hair, as it's very fine and straight.

drew worked his magic, and i ended up with lovely dreads. what i especially liked about him is that he does the very tips, so you don't end up with these really nice dreads with straight scragly tips.

i had them for 5 years. it was a sad day when i cut them off, and i still really miss them. :(

jus me

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here's a pic of my friend's hair that Dreadmaster Drew did. She gets many compliments on hers wherever she goes.

Apparently there's a new biz called the sumthin-sisters (still don't know the name) that use crochet needles that give similar if not the same results than Drew's hand work. They're his new main competition and apparently it's about the same price (or even cheaper).
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Wow. I had no idea it was so expensive... Are there any websites with the techniques on them? I have probably spent about $100 on my hair my entire life, a big part of the appeal fo dreads for me is the non-haircut factor, and how I can just let them grow afterwards. Paying shitloads of money really detracts from the idea to me personally, I'd feel like an alterna-fashion wannabe.

How exactly DOES one go about making proper dreads without wax, etc?

Booty Bits

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yeah, paying hundreds of dollars to look like you never wash your hair comes across as very alterna-fashion wannabe


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Okay.....you don't have to pay as long as you have a friend with the time and some experience working on hair.

Decide how you want your dreads to look; i.e. fat, thin etc. Part your hair down the middle and start separating your hair into little squares of hair. Try to keep the look as symmetrical as possible. Get some tiny little elastics and put them at the very base of each soon to be dread and another one at the tip.

Once your entire head is separated and pieced start backcombing. Have a few combs on hand as one or two usually break, a tick comb works wonders. This should take a few hours and you will lose a lot of hair and your scalp with fucking hurt.

Now you should resemble Sideshow Bob. The most important part now is working on the dreads by hand rolling. Everyone has their own technique and it is hard to describe how to do it over the internet. This takes time and effort and needs to be done everyday.

Try wearing a bandanna during the day to keep the dreads under control at first and wear a nylon on your head when you sleep so they don't loosen when you move around. Don't get them wet for the first few weeks. It sounds worse than it is though, at first it is greasy but your body adjusts after a few days and stops producing it.

I didn't spend a dime on my dreads but I put in a lot of work during the past few years so they look nice and well kept rather than messy and filthy.
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my suggestion: you'll be happier with smaller dreads, like about the thickness of a pencil


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Yea, small dreads and not paying with money are where it's at.

I'm going to give opia a shout, cheers.

Muad'ib, thanks a lot man, you've really been a great help. much respect!

PS a big 'fuk u' to all the haters out there. you are closed minded perpetuatory of racist stereotypes.



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I will make sure I say hello next time I see you at school, hopefully you will be dready by then.



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whoops, "perpetuatory" = perpetuators,

;) i'm smart todaie!

PS: much love to the 420 guy for the pics and all. no offence to anyone who pays for dreadlocks, but i just think it's not the way for me.
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Originally posted by Neo-Marxist
Assuming you're White, you should not have dreadlocks. Simple as that. Besides, they look dirty. YUCK!
i'm not the biggest fan of dreads but you're being plain racist.

(please don't mock my jerry curl)


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Originally posted by Spinsah
i'm not the biggest fan of dreads but you're being plain racist.

(please don't mock my jerry curl)

It's the jizz dripping from it most tend to make fun of
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