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where's the fun at? latenight croo checkin

Smiley Jo

TRIBE Member
What's up kats!!!
Do yourself a favour and tune into 89.5 FM right now!

DJ Finch is on the decks, and he's throwin' down some mad funky house!

Call in and tell em GrooveKat Management sent ya!

Tribe 14K gold cannabis seed slider pendant and chain


TRIBE Member
i'm up..been at work since 10pm... here till probably 10pm.. same shift till next monday... 7 days of nights straight.. *gulp*

Dave --- tuning in at work

Smiley Jo

TRIBE Member
Aww DAVE!!
Thanks for tuning in!
What's up doll!? Sorry about your shift... That bytes.
Ha, ha... get it? "BYTES"??

<-- goes to take a shower to cure this dry sense of humour