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Where's The Felix Da Housecat Review?


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he sucked a big bag of ass. can't beatmatch for shit, longest boots in the dryer mix was like 4 bars and he played the same tunes over and over again, no flow whatsoever


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I wasn't there, so this is not really directed at Felix Da Housecat (I thought he couldn't use that name anymore?!?)

The previous post just incited a feeling I've been getting for some time now...What is it with so many well known, "name-brand" old- school djs being so shitty? There are some incredibly talented 'name' djs out there, but it seems like more often than not when I see a dj that's been around the international block for many years already, they seem lacklustre at best or god-awful at worst.

And this isn't coming from some "newbie" who has it out for the "old people". I've been doing this for a decade now. How come I haven't completely lost my passion for partying, yet so many djs that have been around that long seem to have lost their passion (or talent) for spinning. I don't even get paid when I go to a club/party!!!

OK...I'm done griping.
Let peace live!


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My mommy told me not to say anything if I couldn't say anything nice... but you asked.

The man has NO flow, CANNOT keep a groove, and is one of the sloppiest mixers I have ever heard! On top of that he knew a couple EQ tricks that would sound cool maybe once in a set but he JUST kept fucking do them over and over and over!

Conclusion... he is a brutal, brutal dj. Ya know what, I can't even remember what tracks he made that he got popular for.


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woah....these posts are pretty ruff...

i was lookin' forward to seeing felix but...
i stayed upstairs for timmy, myka and stretch and hooker cuz everyone said you had to wait in line to go downstairs....
little slips here and there but the selection was phenomenal....

it was great to hang out with the happy crew and celebrate the Joker's bday....
big ups to P-Air ,joanna, finch, mark, mike, new buddy madnezz...eclipze and jen, Par-T who dances like a frikin' wickett little thing, Futronic, and Phantasm...

can we make Feelin' Moody an anthem?....lol
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Booty Bits

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i kinda liked his set for the first few hours...
then for some reason he started to play the same records all over again, but he was mixing them completely badly.
maybe he didnt bring a big enough record crate or something?

anyway, i still had a BLAST on friday. thanks to everyone who made it out for my birthday celebrations. this was a birthday for the history books.


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I really wanted to check this out but couldn't...maybe glad that I didn't...
I think he's more of a producer than a dj, I have one of his mixed cd's, and there is minimal mixing in it...but I have one of his produced cd's and really liked it...
Sorry to hear that it was shit...


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janICE-- nice to meet you!!! *S*

I stayed upstairs as well, since the line to go downstairs was way too long... I had a great time though!


wow- i took a LOT of pictures on friday! *S*



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I think there are many different ways for a dj to drop a set. Beatmatching sounds nice and all but really I would hazard a guess that playing music that makes people want to dance and smile is the most important thing. I really liked alot of the music he dropped and there were lots of people crowding around the booth trainspotting and dancing.

Saw lots of Tribers out, partayed with the bday girl Booty Bits and her bday posse. I just relaxed and concentrated on having a fun nite...it worked!



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T'is fun.
I was so tired but I got some dancing in anyway (even though it was so rammed that I got hit in the face a couple of times) before I planted my bony ass on the bar.

Happy birthday again, Liz. It ws really nice to just chill with ya the next day.

The crowd was pretty good too. I liked the disco sounds but there was too much of it. Or it could've just been him playing the same shit over and over as Liz mentioned. I don't know much about dj's but I thought his mixing was bad as well.

Anyway, the sketchpad after was also fun.

Anyone want a mini-franfurter baked in a light batter on a stick?
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I went!

A house DJ msyelf who owns a couple Felix vinyls, I would have to say that I was dissapointed in his set. his tracklisting was second to none, playing techno, house, retro, and even booty! His mixing was off, plain and simple, his time selection for tracks was also off, and thats baout it, he was not impressive as a DJ, but did play good tracks

And for all of you who love Controlled Freq, then thank ME for makign him play it! ahahah

Honestly, I was having a godo time, and i said to msyelf, I need to congradulate him on that track and ask him to play it, when he responded he said " I totally forgot about that song, I'll play it for you right now"

That right there is a sign that a DJ is no good, when he agrees to play something AS SOON AS YOU REQUEST it, I find the asshole Djs tend to be best, but only assholes when spinning, not in personal life =))

Anyways, good night, I was the tall dude in the front of the DJ booth the whole time, and thanks to that girl who tossed me some draws off her spliff, that hit the spot =))

( i type fast so sorry for the errors in grammer spelling and whatever else i did wrong)

poker face

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I had a really good time!

I knew what to expect from felix the housecat so I really wasnt surprised. It was nice to finally get to meet a whole bunch of you TBK people.

It was kinda upsetting that there was a lineup to get upstairs to downstairs but I guess that is to be expected once and a while.

Madnezz can't wait to see your pics!


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The man had some fierce tunes, but I'd have to agree with everyone else - he could have done much better than that.

He went all trippy after he played finally...and totally lost me. He was playing some seriously funky tunes before that though.

I suppose S&H, TP and the 'lighting guy' Myka have spoiled all of us Element goers. Not to mention that booth down there is kinda slim on the monitoring front and probably takes some getting used to. Which translates into a home-team advantage for the residents.

Whatever...you know I'll be back next week.

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I had a good time, and am a little surprised at the negative comments I have read. Then again, as per usual, I was loaded.
I thought the music was very funky and sexy. I was dancing all night. As far as I can remember everyone that I showed up with was also having fun. The place was jammed, and it was tough to find some room on the dance floor, but that is usually the case at Element (due to its size).

I am somewhat frustrated by seemingly partying RIGHT NEXT to a bunch of you guys and not having any clue about it until after the fact. Kalemic and Jayisbored, I think the three of us were right next to one another at the right side of the DJ booth for the last hour of his set
. Smiley Jo, I guess it will have to wait until next week?


Par- T

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A good night, I had fun.
Even though Felix bit the big one with a total lack of mixing and next to no flow, I still enjoyed it. I was loving so many tracks he dropped that I even injured myself.
Stretch & Hooker got things off to a great start, as usual. Would have liked to stay upstairs and listened to their whole set but I had to check out downstairs. There was a line up to get down but it wasn't too long. Never did make it back upstairs, was too busy trying to dance without getting hit up near the DJ booth and didn't want to give up what little space I had.

Great to see everyone out - TBK takeover again. Hope you had a great b-day Liz. Laura you know what pictures not to post. Thanks Janice but I'm not all-that. Janie, I wished you a happy b-day but I mixed you up with Liz for some reason - sorry, but just think of it as me being real early and kind of dumb.


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I wasn't the speaker hitting dude, but I did see that incodent, and there was a fucked up guy wearing a suite and some hat who was just toally mashed on something the bar was for sure NOT selling.

Again, shitty mixing, wikid tunes, felix is a good one to check out sitll =0)

Booty Bits

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that suit guy was outta control.
he kept storming through the place where we were standing, rambling loudly yet completely incoherently throughout the whole night.