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Where to rent a weekly basketball court?


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Does anyone know? I remember about a decade ago some guys renting a court in a public school in north york.. does this still exist?



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We rent the basketball court at the CAMH at Queen and Ossington every Sun and Tues. There could be other dates open as well. I like the gym cuz it's full court but not regulation side. Really good for running 4 on 4. Plus you get the occasional crazy who likes to come and watch.
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justin surdit

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OK, there is a 50/50 chance we will be letting our Tuesday permit in Mississauga go for this year (we have moved on to join a men's league). Just throwing it out there, the school is at Hurontario/Eglinton (St. Jude), it's an elementary school so a smaller court (GREAT for 4 on 4, not too bad for 5 on 5 as long as you play walls are out of bounds instead of the court lines), the flooring is that linoleum tile kind of stuff.....it's not the greatest but it's a run, and for permit from September 12th to first week of June it's only $850 including insurance.

Anyone interested in taking this over?