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where to hire breakdancers, graffitti artists, yellow cabs...


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a friend of mine is looking to throw a NYC themed party and is looking for breakdancers, graffitti artists & maybe some yellow cabs.

I figure that some tribe peeps might have some info on these as I'm sure these services are available in/around Toronto.

got info? let me know.


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yup,been to NYC more times than i can count and that about sums up that city.



and yellow cabs


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here's a pic of my latest graf. it was a tough one, hard to do with all the gunshots flying around me but i think it turned out dope!


if your friend wants to contact me just tell him to look in the darkest, roughest alleyway in town yo


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you should talk to someone who works in the film biz. There's got to be a place in the city that specializes in renting vehicles made to look like cabs, police cars, etc from cities like NYC...I've actually seen several dozen of them parked down on a lot by Eastern Ave.

I could put you in touch with tons of graf heads that could do it up nice.
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