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Where to get organic produce


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I know most major stores like loblaws and dominion claim to carry some organic foods but I've never seen them. I dont really want to order those organic boxes because I dont want to get into a comitment thing. In the summer theres usually organic markets around but its the dead of winter and I dont know where to turn. Does Noah's Natural Foods carry organic? It would be a bit of a way for me to go though.

Where do you go to get good organic fruit and veggies?
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Boss Hog

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I used to go to the Organic store on Bloor (a block east of the Bloor Cinema, north side). They always had a lot of variety and enough of a variety that you could be selective and not spend a fortune.

I can't remember the name though, and I haven't been since last spring. Great great store though.

cue "organics are for dummies!" meathead responses
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Boss Hog said:
I used to go to the Organic store on Bloor (a block east of the Bloor Cinema, north side). They always had a lot of variety and enough of a variety that you could be selective and not spend a fortune.

I can't remember the name though, and I haven't been since last spring. Great great store though.

cue "organics are for dummies!" meathead responses

Bloor and what? If you suddenly remember can you let me know. Thank you thank you.


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bloor and bathurst.

there is an organic fruit and vegetable store in st. lawrence market.

the produce at noah's seems insanely expensive.


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there's also "organics on bloor" which is just a bit east of bathurst.

i also like kensington, they have a few organic food stores there as well (one awesome one right at baldwin and augusta). noah's is also an option but their produce selection can be limited.
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the big carrot on the danforth. the one at bloor and bathurst seems ok. there is one at queen and dovercourt? somewhere in that strip between trinity bellwoods and the drake anyway.
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groovespinna said:
that's right where I work. can't say I've ever noticed a pansy sto... I mean food market. north side?

yup, i drive by it every day

it's in the storefronts under the condos


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janiecakes said:
that's olive organics or something like that right? i think boss was talking about organics on bloor.

something like that - i can't recall the exact name, i just know there's an organics store/grocer right there


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The one on Queen W is at Queen just east of ossington-on the north side.

I am so sick of everyone saying how expensive freaking Whole Foods is-its so not that bad!!

dig this

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HaliBubba said:
essence of life in kensington

is this the one where they have jazz & latin music playing in the summer? if so, i highly recommend it. very friendly staff....

and whole foods really isn't that expensive. it looks like any other grocery store so it's got a lot of stuff (as opposed to the smaller noah's and such)...

the healthy butcher on queen, between bathurst & spad.... mmm mmm mmm mmm.... they sell mainly meat, but some good salads & cheese too. completely organic/free range. pricey, but worth every cent.
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Boss Hog

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Kiera said:
Bloor and what? If you suddenly remember can you let me know. Thank you thank you.

Can't remember, but it's one block east of the Bloor Cinema, won't be hard to find.


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nope - you're talking about organics on bloor, and the other place is at bloor and sherbourne, which is called olive something something.


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for those too lazy to click on the link.


Organic food is grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers and genetically modified seeds. Farmers use traditional methods that are in tune with the earth. See our environmental section for more on the benefits of eating local and organic.

Note: For this section, the symbol "O" and the symbol "o" refer to the availability and/or use of fresh organic produce.

Sections below:
Delivery services
Farmers markets

Delivery services

FoodShare, Field to Table – O
Large ($32) and small ($22) organic food boxes available weekly. Phone to find a drop-off near you, or start your own group. Direct from certified organic farms, local and imported. A non-profit project to improve community access to affordable, nutritious food.

Front Door Organics – O
Home delivery of high quality fresh organic produce. Free substitution of up to 2 items per delivery.

Green Earth Organics – O
$35 Harvest box or $45 Family Harvest box delivered to homes or business weekly or bi-weekly. All vegetarian. Check their website to see what is included. 10% of all profits are donated to like-minded non-profit organizations that serve the community and environment.

Ontario Natural Food Co-op
info@onfc.on.ca, 416-503-3663 [FOOD]
A wholesale distributor of organic and natural foods since 1976. Serving co-ops, buying clubs and natural food stores. Wide range of vegetarian foods (no produce).

Farmers markets

Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers’ Market – O
Every Thurs. from 3 to 7 pm. Dufferin Grove Park.
North west corner of Dufferin Grove Park which is a block south of Bloor and just east of Dufferin. Every Thursday from 3 to 7 pm year round. Join local farmers for fresh, mostly local and organic vegetables, fruits, baked goods, fair trade coffee, and more. Breads and simple vegan pizza slices are served fresh from Dufferin Grove’s wood-burning brick ovens.

Parkdale Liberty Farmers Markets – o
Mid-June - Oct. Wednesdays. 11:30–1:30pm at Liberty St & Jefferson, 3–7:30pm at Cowan Ave & Queen St. W.
Farmer’s market selling local organic and conventional vegetables and fruit, soap, honey, baked goods, shiatsu and other wellness therapies, hand-crafted items, other food products. Community organizations, local crafts people, artists and entertainers.

Riverdale Farm Farmers' Market – O
May-Oct, Tues. 3-7pm, in front of Riverdale Farm
We are a neighbourhood market striving to be as organic as possible. You will find fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit brought to market by the farmers who grew them as well as delicious prepared food , bread and baked goods. We have vendors specializing in vegetarian and gluten free products. Eating in season is imortant to us.
May-Oct, Tuesdays 3-7 pm, at Riverdale Park in front of Riverdale Farm

Riverdale Farmers' Market – O
Oct-May, Tues. 3-7pm, Bain Co-op Community Centre. Sparkhall Ave, west of Logan Ave, near Withrow Park
New winter market: Held indoors from late October to around mid-May, when the outdoor Riverdale Farm Farmer's Market re-opens for the summer. Local farmers sell their organically-grown products, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and breads. Among the farmstands you may find Thorpe's Organic Produce Farm and Plan B Organic Farm (CSA). These two farms grow organic vegetables, fruits & herbs. Info: Kristin, 416-463-6556.

St. Lawrence Farmers Market – O
92 Front St. E. (at Jarvis), 416-392-7219
The South Market contains over 50 specialty vendors. The North Market features a huge Farmers' Market on Saturdays starting at 5 am – a tradition begun on this site in 1803 and continuing today. Over 50 local farmers and producers bring their seasonal produce and other items to market in the city. Several stalls are organic.

Sunshine Garden Organic Market – O
CAMH Grounds at 1001 Queen St W. (w. of Ossington), 416-363-6441, www.foodshare.net/garden07.htm
FoodShare's 7000 sq ft urban market garden on the grounds of Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). Local gardeners sell their fruits, vegetables & herbs, grown organically in their community garden plots. Open late May to the end of October, Monday-Thursday, 10am-11:30am.

The Village Market – O
9100 Bathurst St. www.villagemarket.ca, Sat 8:30-1:30
Wide selection of veggies, and the freshest organic milk, yogurt, butter, cream, and cheese. Plus bread, pies, and pastries, whole foods cafe, natural crafts, live music, vendors and a great atmosphere. Open only on Saturdays, from 9am to 2pm. The market is located in the Toronto Waldorf School.

Organic stores
The following are entirely organic. Also see our individual neighbourhoods for more places that offer a good selection of organic produce.

4 Life Natural Foods – O (not on map)
257 Augusta Ave (in Kensington Market), 416-591-6800
An all-organic mostly-produce food store in the Market. Direct ties to organic farmers. Mennonite eggs. Open daily 7-7.

Merchants of Green Coffee
2 Matilda St. (Broadview & Queen), 416-778-6600
Toronto’s most unique coffee shop. Passionate staff reveal the secrets to the perfect cup of coffee. Learn how home roasting, fair trade, organics and sustainability lead to an incredible coffee experience. Open M-F 10-6, Sat. 10-5.

Organic Abundance – O d
3066 Bloor St. W (w. of Royal York), 416-234-5258
Organic produce, dairy, grocery, and juice bar.

Organics on Bloor – O d
468 Bloor St. W. (e. of Bathurst), 416-538-1333
A one-stop organic store with an excellent selection of fresh local produce and groceries. New this year: Organic juice bar, Ecover cleaning products, a baby section, and a full range of vegan items. We also carry: organic bulk items, Fred’s Bread, Little Stream, New Moon, and a wide range of wheat free and gluten free items. Local delivery available. 10% off on orders over $10.

Super Sprouts – O d
720 Bathurst St. (s. of Bloor), 416-977-7796
Toronto's urban organic sprout farm! Sunflower, Buckwheat, Wheatgrass, Peagreen shoots, Alfalfa, Broccoli, Bean mix, and Ancient Eastern Blend harvested weekly, all year round. We deliver. Visit their Café serving organic vegetarian foods, coffees, juices and smoothies. Visit us at www.supersprouts.com.
Raw organic foods, including nuts, seaweed, honey, olive oil and tahini. Sprouting supplies, Green Life juicers, dehydrators, water filters, full spectrum lighting. Various health books & products. Sprouting classes.


Eco Flora
Organic or fair trade fresh cut flowers. Hand tied bouquets and arrangements in fair trade containers. Flowers are wrapped with fair trade paper. Compliment your table with our contemporary floral designs. Full service florist operating year round. Delivery available in the GTA area 416-254-2674.

Organic bakery

Organic Oven – O
31 Melanie Drive, #7, Brampton, 905-459-2333
Organic bakery, specialising in Gluten/wheat/yeast/sugar/dairy/egg-free breads, cakes, muffins, cookies, pies. They accept special orders for special dietary needs. M-F: 8 am to 7 pm. Sat. closed. Sun 12-4 pm.

Organic restaurants

The Big Carrot Deli – O c d (hours vary)
348 Danforth Ave. (Chester subway), 416-466-2129
Vegetarian deli inside one of Toronto’s largest natural food stores. Wide range of dishes sold by weight. Seating limited. Open during store hours.

The Big Carrot Organic Juice Bar – O c (hours vary)
348 Danforth Ave. (Chester subway), 416-466-2129 x231
Freshly squeezed organic juices, ice cream, coffee, salads and sandwiches. Located at the front of Carrot Common.

Guerrilla Gourmet – O (hours vary)
Intimate dinners in a spontaneous setting made with organic, local and wild foods. By reservation only. Fixed menu. Fixed price is $40. Based in Kensington Market. Please call or check website for updates.

v LIVE - Organic Food Bar – O
264 Dupont St. (at Spadina), 416-515-2002
LIVE Organic food bar where the menu changes bi-monthly. Features organic vegan mostly raw menu along with cooked brown rice sushi, macrobiotic and Ayurvedic dishes. Not to mention an array of scrumptious RAW breads, crackers, and other goodies. Selection of RAW products for sale. Catering available upon request. Hours Tues.-Sat. 11am-10pm, Sun 11am-4pm LIVE IT UP! Update (Nov. 1, 2005): closed Sunday and Monday.

Tinto – early O
89 Roncesvalles Ave, 416-530-5885
A new Latin American coffee house and restaurant a few blocks north of Queen. Fair Trade, organic, local, and almost entirely vegetarian, the menu consists of a soup of the day, three substantial salads, and three wraps. Open Mon. - Sat. 9 am to 8 pm, Sunday 10 am to 6 pm. See High Park for full description.

v Sunny Cafe – early O d
322 Bloor St. W (inside Noah’s), 416-963-8624
A small eating counter inside Noah’s Natural Foods using organic ingredients as much as possible. Twenty hot and cold vegan dishes prepared fresh daily. Plus homemade desserts, fresh juices, sandwiches, burgers, spring rolls, soup. No sugar, eggs or dairy. Open Mon to Fri 11-7 and on Sat from 11-5.

Organic catering

Field to Table Catering – O
416-363-6441 x35
Fresh, seasonal, healthy, eclectic, affordable & delicious. Organic, low-fat and vegan options. See website for menu.

Macrobiotics Plus – v O
Macrobiotic foods and services, 416-964-8885
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