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where to find goa.....?


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i wanted to get some goa rekkids
but alas i have been reduced to emailing the record companys for stuff......


thx adam


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Try Metropolis Records @ Queen and Spadina.



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their vinyl selection is completely crapola these days... apparently no new orders are being made until the exchange rate gets better.

Subsonic Chronic

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With the only physical store in Toronto going to shitz, you can order online from www.saikosounds.com

They have a great selection, but no audio samples.

I'm trying to find online psychedelic places with samples but have had little luck lately. Does anyone know where I can listen online to the latest (and older) tunes so I can know what to order?

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ah, soon i'll have a meaty "shops" listing on my site but for now i could recommend these places:

www.chaosexistence.com - .ra samples galore, new and old material!
www.chaosunlimited.org.uk - .mp3 samples galore, high shipping prices though! many rarities and a large stock = good.

the best tactic is probably to have high speed, audiogalaxy, and a patient hand to enter any and all track names into the search function... sleep on it... then decide later on when you listen through whatever you managed to dig up!