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Where to dine in Quebec City


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So I'm stuck here on biz tonite. I have $70 for dinner. Where to eat? Anything but Italian.
Open to any recommendations other than Italian.


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fuck i wish i could remember where we ate - we just kept wandering around until found something to our liking. i <3 quebec city


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If anyone happens to know a good place that serves a fine Lapin à la moutarde please fill me in!
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We were there back in September > Initiale , Laurie Raphael and U'topie.
All were awesome but your $75 limit kills those 3 options.


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If you're adventerous, try Le Lapin Saute.

It was delicious. Obviously mostly rabbit on the menu, though there are a few other options (duck, chicken, vegetarian I think).

The rabbit lasagna was exquisite!

I also enjoyed Le Cochon Dingue (Sp?) - they have several throughout the city. This place serves mainly traditional quebec fare with an emphasis on pork, but I had a scrumptious chicken pot pie. They make their own pickles and bring a jar to your table to munch on while you wait for your meal.