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Where to dig for non-breaks old gems in town...


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I figured I would spend this Saturday crate digging and blowing dust off jackets, it's been a while since I wasted an afternoon doing this...

Looking for old motown, 60's-70's R&B, funk (of course), disco, 80's new wave/dance (maybe I'll come across a Blue Monday original, never know), movie soundtracks, kitch for break loops and samples, maybe some newer indy rock/punk that's come out in the last couple decades (not essential though)...

One of those places you can spend several weekends digging, and not get through em all... and hopefully not spend more than $5-$10 per. A listening station would be bonus... a place like Dr. Disc in London (RIP).

I'm new to town, where's a good place like this in the GTA?
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there's this place on queen west near bellwoods called electron i think. i dropped by a few years ago and they had a TON of amazing 80s stuff - new wave, early electro, etc... all in great condition for good prices.

it's on the north side of queen upstairs...
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Shug said:
Looking for old motown, 60's-70's R&B, funk (of course), disco, 80's new wave/dance

Only place I can recommend/know of right now, is Kopps records on Queen st.

Anyone else ? I am looking for a good day's worth of diggin too ??:confused:

El Diablo

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Cosmos Records
607 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2B7, Canada
(416) 603-0254

Rare stuff there... might pay through the nose for it though...


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Only because i don't live in the area anymore LOL

Keele and Dundas. Check it out.

can't remember what it's called but it's a book store with records in the back.