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where to buy cheap records?

Sal De Ban

TRIBE Member
there's a used vinyl sale at Tranzac this saturday - soul, jazz, dub, reggae go check it out! there's a fb event listing....

Aaron Bradley

TRIBE Promoter
The best place is on Tribe.ca actually. I see lots getting unloaded here. I'm going to post a few crates soon that will cost about $20 (including milk crate)

I also use HTFR and Juno. The records are cheap, the delivery is what makes it a bit expensive.


TRIBE Promoter
Yeah, U.K. postage has gone up, rarely worth it to buy from there nowadays. Dutch postage rates have to be the worst. Shipping from Germany is mad inexpensive - that's where most of my non-local, vinyl-nabbing funds go.
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le bricoleur

TRIBE Member
Just pulled this out of a dollar bin on my lunch hour:

House remixes of the LTD/Mizell Brothers disco classic "Love to the World."
Production and remixes by Joe Smooth, Farley and Heller, and Junior Boys.


Aaron Bradley

TRIBE Promoter
just ordered 5 records from the UK, $60 - converted and delivered. That $1 record is sick. I have it and I paid a hell of a lot more than that.
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Aaron Bradley

TRIBE Promoter
This was the order:

Daddy's Favourite - I Feel Good Things For You (Disc 1)
Dero Featuring Leee John - Dero's Illusion
Rhythm Masters - Come On (Y'All)
Direckt - Two Fatt Guitars
Michael Gray - The Weekend