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Where to buy a bike?


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I went on kijiji and craigslist and noticed a huge dropoff in the number of mid-high-end bikes for sale. I checked canadian cyclist, too, and really, not much. Pink Bike? Is this where everyone is selling bikes these days? Looking for a friend who wants a 29er mountain, used. Holy smokes, there were maybe 3 Trek 29ers total on kijiji when we checked - way less than I expected.

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I don't know about Toronto, but in Montreal, pawn shops only take mid-high end bikes (after they've been cleared by the police).


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Keep you eyes peeled for used at pawn shops. It is the wrong season to be looking for a bike because it is riding season! What are you looking for exactly?


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29 inch tires are just becoming standard. 29 is essentially the new 26 inch tire

This may be why the amount of used bikes for 29" wheels are low as they are just getting more into the market. Next year you should see more.


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(after they've been cleared by the police).
It's actually a law here, in Montreal, if you wish to sell a bike at a pawn shop, you must 1st have to go in to a cop shop, have them check the serial number, and make sure it's not reported stolen. Then they'll give you a certificate of *not stolen*. I did this once. Pawn shops won't take them otherwise. But that's here. Not sure about the regs in Toronto.
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Hey in a world of strange coincidence, a convenience store where I buy my beer just got donated a mid-high end Spectra bike by the Grolsch beer company. As part of some promotions. And it's a nice looking bike! Brand new! Smells new!. So, here's the deal. Dep-owner wants to sell it. I'll take a pic of it tomorrow, post it here. Name a price + 50$ shipping... and hey. Brand new Spectra bike. Not a cheapo model either, rather in the 300-400$ range. Brand new. For Sale.