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Where in the world is.... Jeremy Caulfield?

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I honestly wouldn't know, it was an elvis reference.

IF I ventured a guess, I would say Berlin with most of the most of the other good Canadian DJ's
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Jeremy was one of the first of the Toronto techno cats to move to Berlin. He moved in the very early 2000s. Fukhouse and alienInFlux brought him back quite a bit over the years. Fukhouse was put in retirement when Ian retired (me). alienInFlux brought Jeremy as recently as a few years ago.

Jeremy hit it relatively big in Europe. For many years he was touring almost constantly throughout the continent and was doing well for himself doing only music. He wasn't quite major international superstar DJ level, but he got close, and he kept his cred and underground ties :) However, Jeremy himself has mostly if not completely retired from active DJing over the past few years. He married another Canadian ex-pat and they have two small children now. They spend most of their time managing a cool cafe and bar they own in Berlin.