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where do you see yourself in 5 years?


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i have to answer this for an application and i am at a loss. right now i only have fantasies about where i see myself :D

the only thing i could think of was that this question would generate some good responses on here.


le bricoleur

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what's the application for? is for a job? because if it is, then your answer is "being a maximally efficient member of your wonderful company"

1. lick ass
2. get job security
3. put your feet up and tell your job to lick YOUR ass.

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I see myself being diagnosed with kyphosis from being hunched over my dissertation all the time.
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I had this question in my last interview, and my answer was ridiculous compared to where I REALLY see myself. I said "working in a role that touches both supply chain manangement and marketing in a high volume business" when really, in 5 years I hope to be finished law school and almost finished articling, be in a long term relationship, and have a really solid relationship with my little brother, who will then be 17.
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