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where can i donate a turkey


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i received a card for a free turkey as an xmas gift from my boss, but i woudl prefer to donate it. will food banlks accept it despite the fact that it is not a dry good? If anyone has any idea as to how i can donate it i would really appreciate the contact info. i live north of the city but would be willing to drive downtown to drop it off.
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Booty Bits

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why dont you just donate the card itself? that way the person who receives it can go and pick it up directly.
or does it not work that way?
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The Tesseract

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You should be fine... hehehe

Tara - check Loblaws if they have a box for that. I know Costco does, but they probably wouldn't appreciate a turkey in there, especially considering how warm it is today and the next few days. The turkey would defrost and well.. you get the idea.