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where can i buy a scooter


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<i posted this elsewhere by accident..>

I dont know if this should be in the Buy and Sell section ...

But does anyone know where I can buy a scooter like a classic Vespa or something? In Toronto? How much would they run me?

Also do youneed a motorbike licence for a scooter?




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yes you need a motor cycle licence, try the buy and sell for example a vespa 200 1979/81 model should run you around 1000 depending on the condition, I used to own one they are great bikes. Sometime i regret selling mine especially when filling a tank costs about 4 bucks and you can get anywhere in rushour if you're daring enough.

Also Scooter's have a goodsized subculture mainly in hamilton, kitchener and T. try to make it out to the may 24 run in buffalo, it's alot of fun and you'll get a chance to show off your scoot around people who actually care.



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There's a scooter shop in Scarborough somewhere off of St. Clair. I forget the exact location, but it's called Performance Scooters. Actually, I haven't been there for about two years so I don't know if they still exist. Look them up. They fix up old Vespas and Lambrettas, engine work, paint job, the works. They even do custom chroming if I remember correctly. Every summer I think of buying one. This might be the year:)


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Also check out Auto Trader Bikes and Boats. There are usaully a few to be found in that mag.
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scooter are the shit!

even the ninja turtles recognize!


DJ Red Lion

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McBride Cycle on Dundas near Keele!
Ther's a Yamaha dealer on Queen East too.
Just some other locations in case you wanted to look around.
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