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Where are you from?


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Originally posted by vench
0-14 - North York (born at North York General Hospital)
14-present day - Richmond Hill

Parents from Europe. I'm first generation.


Same here Chris...my parents were both born in Europe as well...Hungary and Germany.

Maxine<---------up north crew!;)
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Originally posted by ethnik

born - morrocco!
raised (1 to 18) - Sept-Iles, Quebec
lived (18-23) - montreal
lived (23-25) - cancun, mexico
lived (25-26) - quebec city
lived (26-28) - on various cruise ships all over the world
lived (28) for 6 months on Isla Contadora, Panama
now settled down for the time being in Kitchener, Ontario (at least for the next few years anyways)


and now i`m back in quebec city...


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Born in Moncton NB moved to Calgary when I was 2 moved back to Moncton when I was 7 and then moved to Toronto 3 years ago when I was 22.
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1970 : Born in a small Northern hick town of Smithers, British Columbia (near Kitimat and Prince Rupert).
1970-1986 : Lived in mountainous bear/cougar country, Revelstoke, British Columbia. (I was a true forest child :p)
1986-1995: Moved to Barrie, Ontario. Went to Georgian College.
1996-2001(Dec.): Moved to Etobicoke to be closer to work.
2001(Dec.)-Present: Moved to Brampton. :)


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born: north york general hospital
0-3 Leslie and Finch
3-present Bathurst and Clark
2001-2004 Kingston, right next to a townie bar.


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born in vancouver, bc
grew up in brockville, ontario
spent four months living/working in florida
one.5 years of school in london, ontario
been in ottawa for four years now
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I was born in Toronto, Ontario but have been in London, England for the past 2.5 years...

it is TONS of fun but not as idealized as Canadians see it...

it took me FOR EVER to get used to those damn Brits...


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1974-Born @ Humber Memorial Hospital
lived @ Jane and Weston Rd till I was 12
moved to Mississauga (Clarkson)
when I was 19 I moved to Colorado for hockey
when I was 20 I moved back to Mississauga
when I was 21 I moved to Hamilton for 6 months
then back to Mississauga
when I was 23 I went to school in Hamilton
moved back when I was 25
lived in Oakville for a bit
moved back to Mississauga

still here..........


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born- april 20/1975 in mississauga
lived in lorne park with parents/sister/brother/grandparents
"olga please" -inside joke
now- st.clair west and christie


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Born in Gaspe Quebec
Moved to North Bay
Moved to Fraserdale/Abitibi Canyon
Moved to Kapuskasing (17 years, so it's home)
Moved to Ottawa (school)
Moved to Montreal for work
Back to Ottawa/Gatineau
Moved to Guelph (now)
moving to Toronto in One month :)
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Born and spent early years in Bournemouth , England. Then over seas to Canada to Kingston , Ontario. Periods of time from 3 months to year spent on Toronto,Ottawa,London ,Boston,Orlando,San Franciso.


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Originally posted by MC Bias
Born in Hearst, waaaaay up north.

Grew up in Midland.

Went to school at Humbah College.



Hey, I know a bunch of people who grew up in Midland..............

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Born in Scarborough
Raised in Toronto
Now living in Newmarket
moving back to T.O. in 2 months