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Where are you from?


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born in san salvador, el salvador
moved to nova scotia in 88
moved to *shudder* cambridge in 89 or so



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Aphrodite:
South West Scarborough.. born and raised.. On a plaiground is where I spent most of me days!</font>
LOL...did you chill out and max and relax all cool?


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concieved in scotland
born in hamilton
toronto for school
now back in hamilton
(it sucks donkey ass here)
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In south Saskatoon,
Born and Raised,
On the Playground is where I spent,
most of my days.

Chillin out,
maxin and relaxin,
all cool,
shootin a rugby ball,
outside of school.

When a couple of guys,
who were up to no good,
started making trouble in my neighbourhood,

I got in one little fight,
and my mom got scared,
and said,
"You moving with me and your dad to".........
another house in Saskatoon.

Sheesh, I need out!
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Toronto for the first 19
Kingston for five (Queen's didn't grad)
London for 2?

I miss Kingston

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Temper Tantrum

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Born in Toronto, attended boarding school in both Bethany and Port Hope (Port Hopeless massive!)
Did school in Switzerland and Italy, moved back to TO, graduated in 2000. Backpacked around Europe, came home, went to africa, moved to montreal. Moving home next year.

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Born in Ottawa. Lived in Alymer, Montreal, and Boston before I was 5. Lived in Kanata until grade 7. Whitby for high school. Guelph for university. Currently living in Markham and fantasizing about living someplace else.


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I live in East Aurora New York. The biggest city nearby me...Buffalo...barf! I can't wait to get done with school and get the heeeeeeeelll outtaaaaaaa heeeeeeeeeeere!

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Smiley Jo

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Born at Ajax-Pickering Hospital.
Raised in Uxbridge.
Got the hell out when I was 19, and i've been in Toronto ever since!



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Born in Women's College
Lived in the Annex area till 6
Esplanade till 8
Moved To Dominican Republic till 9
Caleadon East till 12
Back TO till now
Stuck in Ottawa for school
I misss my home!!!
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