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When will it stop


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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- As the holiday season approaches, recent intelligence has counterterrorism officials increasingly concerned about a possible attack against soft targets, such as shopping malls.

"As recently as two weeks ago, the intelligence community was telling the Homeland Security Department that this felt a lot like the summer of 2001," said Roger Cressey, a former counterterrorism official with the National Security Council. "[We're] seeing lots of data, lots of information coming together that paints a very disturbing picture."

Lacking specifics, Homeland Security officials say that there is no plan to raise the national threat level unless they receive more concrete information.

It is far from certain, but if the al Qaeda terrorist network does hit the United States, some officials continue to expect the attack will be much bigger than recent strikes overseas.

"The terror movement will always reserve the biggest and the most spectacular attacks for the U.S. and for U.S. interests," said M.J. Gohel of the Asia-Pacific Institute in London.

At least one senior U.S. official stressed there is usually increased threat information including Web site activity before and during several key holidays. The problem is separating the legitimate intelligence from the rest.

There were several warnings of possible attacks in the U.S. in October, but those never panned out. Also, officials say the terror movement is more scattered and harder to track.

"Each of these groups are autonomous with their own leadership, with their own funding, their own personnel," Gohel said. "And they have their own plots, as it were. But they're all bonded together by a common ideology."

Also, an al Qaeda video -- which appeared this week on a Web site affiliated with the terrorist network -- shows the two planes hitting the World Trade Center towers on Sept. 11, 2001, that sources in Washington said was videotaped from an angle they had not seen before.

According to CNN's translation of the tape, the video is a tribute to Abdul Ilah, identified as "one of the fighters of jihad" who was killed by Saudi special forces on Nov. 26 in his Saudi hometown of Hay al-Suaydi.

FBI officials only said they were aware of the video. It is not clear how al Qaeda obtained the Sept. 11 video.

The speaker on the video says Ilah fought against U.S. forces and their "collaborators" in Kandahar, Afghanistan, before heading to neighboring Pakistan.

Ilah was taken prisoner by U.S. "secret police" in an unidentified Arab country, according to the narrator.

"What was his crime? That he fought against the Christians," the speaker said.

The video shows al Qaeda training camps inside the Saudi kingdom, while praising Ilah's actions.

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It won't stop because they have to keep people PHEARRRRRING what might happen.

That way, when the next terrorist attack comes before the next election, it all seems so natural that they need martial law, suspended elections, and the installation of America's new dictator.

haha look at that. "lacking specifics". They don't even need to give a reason anymore, they just ring the bell and America salivates.


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I'm really not much for talking politics out in the open. I have offended all too many people in the past, and lost many U.S. buddies based on my opinions on how their governement functions. One thing to be patriotic, and another to be politcally conscious as to what is really going on.
I dunno, I guess I just read too much Noam Chomsky.


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Well, realistically this should be in the politics forum anyway.

However, I'd like to know why we're confined to the politics room yet all the rubberheads aren't confined to a sports room.

Anyway, it all comes down to respect for people on an individual basis. Just cuz someone's American doesn't mean they're an idiot, I know a lot of smart Americans. But the problem is the insular bubble they live in, the media they receive, the lack of will to learn about what's really going on (hey, they/we live in a perfectly self-serving society, why would we need to worry about our consumption or how other peoples and countries have to toil to support our style of life? Just look at the opposition you saw on here to Buy Nothing Day.) People will fight to remain ignorant/complacent.


Yes, herd mentality is a terrible thing. But you and anyone else who has a sense of what's really going on needs to be patient and understanding (often my own challenge) and try to bring as many people to this information as possible. That's the only way to stop it.
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Sometimes I have these morbid flashes of how easy it would be to instigate a "terror attack" (their lingo is so stupid) on some hapless crowd. I think the US has turned itself into another Jerusalem, Belfast or Chechnya.

It's so easy for one person to do so much damage :( The only way to end this thing is to ~talk~ things through.

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Definetaly, I have many American friends who are as concerned as to what is going on as I am. On an individual basis you will always find those who refuse to acccept anything but filtered media. As you said, 'herd mentality', lets all watch chanel 20 news together so we 'really know whats going on'.