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When *victim shaming* is appropriate


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what with all this shit goin' down concerning Ghomeshi and now Bill Cosby, of all people,
all of which is perfectly valid and apropos, btw.. victims of sexual abuse should be able to come forward without shame.

However, a deeper sociological problem, in my opinion, is all these *types* of an entitled *victim mentality* that feel compelled to complain and even sue, even over the tiniest bit of insignificant shit.

Case in point, this excellent blog-post, concerning peeps who chose to live in apartments above established Mtl bars and clubs, and then proceed to make noise complaints:

Dear Tenant Who Lives Above Le Divan Orange... | HeadSpaceHeadSpace

uh, yeah.

... or that creepy, infantile elder neighbor who frapped on my door and made a complaint, the one day I took a hammer and was hanging pictures on my wall. I mean, what the fuck.

Do we really need to accommodate these infantile, victim mentality imbeciles? (aka the true *little men*).

The reason there's so much *victim-blaming* is that there's all these genuinely creepy fucks with a victim mentality who live for nothing else than to blame everyone else for their problems and bad-life choices.

This is not to cast doubt upon the tentative testimonies of these women whom are making formal complaints against the likes of Ghomeshi and Bill Cosby. It's more like a Shadow upon why they are initially distrusted.

Anyways, this is more of just a rant than anything, I guess

(against the real creepy idiots of society)
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