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When to sell/trade PS3


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Want some advice on when it would be best to sell/trade my PS3 and games. Some tell me it is best to sell before the PS4 is released. Others tell me that EB Games and other games stores will do a trade in promotion that will likely be a far better deal than anything I would get right now for my system plus games.

What do Tribers think?
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Check on cl/kijiji what they're going for now (game, systems etc)

always harder to sell games in a bundle w/ system IMO

PS4 may be out of reach to many when it comes out so PS3 will continue to be somewhat popular like when PS3 came out and PS2 was still sold, albeit briefly

EBgames is so hassle-free but then again maybne you coudl trade it NOW for a credit and wait on it, because the "system" may give you more $ for it now than later?


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Check the release schedule for upcoming PS3 games, there may be some games in the works that you want to keep it for.... I'm holding on to mine regardless, but I'll be definitely playing it alot over this the winter break since Gran Turismo 6 is coming out for PS3 only


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I'm looking to buy a PS3 hopefully at a decent deal once people start to unload them closer to the end of the year.... theres still a few titles I gotta try
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Blue Meanies

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GTA V - September 19th.

If there was ever a reason to hold out on selling... that's it!
also did you play The Last of US? If not why are you on tribe tight now?


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I don't think I'm gonna sell it.

It'll probably move up to the lake with the PS2 since I can still play the games.

PS4 and XBox One are not backwards compatible are they?


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I think Sony and MS have caught on to selling the remastered copies of old games to increase their profits. If they make it backwards compatible they will lose a chance to make a profit