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When tinfoil hats are not enough


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"Go Anywhere RF Shielding"

Is this you? Your skin is burning, your heart is racing, or you are feeling irritable and spacy as pulses of microwave/RF radiation wash over you. It could be in your own apartment, on a plane or subway car, hotel or class room, workplace or movie theater. Even just walking down the street!

Whether you get caught in a surprise rain storm or irritating sea of wireless radiation, you’ll be glad you packed your shielding hooded poncho. Covers head, torso and arms with >20 dB shielding.

Generously proportioned for ease of motion, one size fits most all body types. Easy to slip on and off, and extremely light weight. Keeps you warm, shaded from the sun, and dry too. Windproof.

We call it disposable, but you can certainly re-use it. Weighs only 3 ounces, and 4x5 inches and when folded. Stores safely for years, ready when you need it. Perfect for purse, car, suitcase, camping or home use.

Disposable Shielding Poncho w/ Hood (Cat. #A312) ........... $4.95

Ninja style EMF balaclavas? More stuff here...

EMF Safety Garments, Bedding, & Grounding Devices
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dude...you took their ad word for word.
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