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When is the Party over?

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Originally posted by Libradragon
why do we have to think about *stopping*???

i don't think it's an issue that needs a beginning and an end. I go in and out, but i only realize that when i'm actually looking back.

Music is an integral part of who I am, and it's a huge part of my life whether i go to parties or not.

Werd sistah.

I mean, people are talking about clubbing retirement. C'mon. Who the hell wants to impose regulations on themselves? What fun is that?

Do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it and have a fucking blast living out each day.



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Originally posted by LoopeD
One thing that sucks about going out when you get a little older is that your tolerance of crowds has somehow been removed ...

Yes, no kidding. I can't stand it when it's crowded, especially since no matter where I am, it becomes the path to somewhere... fuck, even if I back into a corner, people will go out of their way to walk into me. Where the fuck are you going? Too much energy, you young whippersnappers... don't knock me down, my hip bone will crumble to dust.


Originally posted by BigBadBaldy

One word, gilded and surrounded by flowers dripping poison.


Don't forget to include a broken heart or two somewhere.
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Originally posted by PosTMOd

fuck, even if I back into a corner, people will go out of their way to walk into me.

I get this all the time too. It's just cuz we're lil' guys.

Fuck it, I'm wearing my pumps next time.


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Originally posted by Tearer

C'mon. Who the hell wants to impose regulations on themselves? What fun is that?

people who have been doing it up a wee bit too much maybe?
getting things in check is a good thing.

gooooo team moderation :D


K Cheeka, point taken.

I know that sometimes people need to consciously change their behaviour for the sake of keeping sane and/or productive. I hit a point while living in Montreal when I brokedown after too much excess, which coincidentally was shortly after you visited!! lol

But I was writing with the people in mind who were quitting for the sake of the social norm that says we should settle down at some point. To that, I say NO WAY JOSÉ! I'm living on my own terms, muthafucka.


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agreed and agreed Josh :D

social norm... smocial norm
its all about balance... and if you are happy and comfortable with they way you are living - then its all good


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Originally posted by Cheeka

its all about balance... and if you are happy and comfortable with they way you are living - then its all good

this is the key, the secret (my urban cookie collective reference)....truly all aspects in life are about balance...work & play...

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Par- T

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Originally posted by BigBadBaldy
The things is, I LOVE THE MUSIC AND I LOVE DANCING. I party sober most of the time (well, I do drink, but I'm working on cutting this out of my clubbing experience, as it's just a waste of money, and I can drink like a fish), and going out and hearing sweet music blasting over a good (loud) system and spazzing out is great fun for me. Yes, I'm older than the average clubber. So what? Everyone needs to decide for themselves.

Holy shit dood,
This could be me writing this (minus the drinking like a fish part, BTW do fish drink?), you've summed up my thoughts exactly.
I do what I want, when I want, so why should I stop doing it just because I've reached a certain age, which in my case, according to some who've posted, I've already passed?
I've partied and not partied at various times in my life, according to my mood, I don't see this changing in the future.

Just look for the 80 year old, cutting a rug in the seniors' home ... it will be me yelling at the old farts to get outta my way, I need room to move.



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Originally posted by hardtekfunk
bah. age is a mentality.
Being a responsible human being is one thing, but feeling like you have to adhere to some sort of 'social code' is another.


Amen to that!

I just wish I could win the lottery so I can afford to do all things I want to do!

There's no way I would ever want to have to work in some factory and just blah my way to retirement.....it's like being in prison....

For now I just wish that people would just try and enjoy each day, and do things that make tem happy. If that includes going to a club and listening to djs play your favourite music then so be it. But a large amount of the population in ontario doesnt see it like that. It's too bad they are missing out on lots of fun!


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Chris Sheppard and Deadly Headly Jones @ RPM way back in the day. That's how old I am.

A lot of my friends are married and getting into that whole family thing now, which is great as most of my really close friends are all in their 30's. However, we all make a point to get together every month or 2 to go out for a full night of partying. Going out every night just doesn't happen anymore, but we all still enjoy going out for several reasons.
1) dance dance dance
2) catch up on who's doin' what, or who
3) abuse our bodies with drink, drugs, etc

I honestly think we will still be doing the same thing in 10 years time. As long as you enjoy yourself, stick with it. There is no set time, age, etc to say to yourself that that's it.

Da grunj

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Originally posted by Preroller

just wondering peoples opinions on when you think the time would be right for you to stop going to clubs and "rave" type events?

If you stop smiling, stop doing it! Its that simple

it's not like we are getting married as young as most of our parents were....

Why should getting married stop you from having fun and doing what you love to do? Marry someone who "KNOWS" who you are and what you love to do. In other words go clubbing/raving with your G/F or B/F, husband or wife. Its fucking great!

Whenever I go out to see a dj, I have a fun time, and I don't mean to be selfish but that's something I like to do. alot!

it's kind of a self-spiritual kind of thing for me...I just love the tunes

Be yourself. Personally, I start freaking out if I don't rip it up on a dance floor atleast once every couple of weeks. I NEED THE MUSIC!

I've Been clubbing regularily for 14 years and for the most part can't EVER see myself stopping. Why would I stop something that makes me feel alive??

And I'm not trying to offend you (or anyone else) but just try to figure out one thing, will you still love the music without the drugs (if you do any at all), if you do, dance until you DEAD! There will alwayz be a few of us getting down to some bad-assed BEATS right beside you.......maybe even in the rec-room of some old age home!

lov'n life,