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When is the movie Paycheck out?

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I saw it a couple of days ago Alex and I thought it was alright.

Phillip k Dick is without a doubt one of my favourite authors, but I worry when guys like John Woo are comissioned to portray his stories on film... it's kinda like making a rap song out of the bible. I don't think Woo was right for this as I think there was way too many explosions and bravado and not enough focus on the plot.

Ben Affleck did well although he was way too tanned.

Bad guys are horrible shots... yet another problem I have with Woo.

This definitly did not capture the essence of Phillip k. Dick like Blade Runner did... it was more like Total Recall's interpretation of Phillip k. Dick.

IMHO I would rate this flick 6/10... a good view but nothing special.


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pretty good review. i agree except that i didn't think affleck was all that... he doesn't pull off the "genius" thing that well... (whereas his buddy matt damon had it down in GWH)

the ending was pretty weak, too. 1/5

Dr. Grinch

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Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa
Go see Cold Mountain


Are you serious?

Every preview I've seen tells my body to stay the fuck away from that. Nicole Kidman should take her looks and move into porn where she can get away with weak acting like that.

What makes it worth seeing??
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this movie blows!

johnny Woooo Wooooo Woooo ... doing a phillip k dick film???


i am going to see cold mountain tomorrow.
i like epic films...

more later.
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