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When good things happen to good people


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Originally posted by Preroller
Cool katman! Hey if you need a place to stay, a couple of friends of mine run a B&B on Oahu, heres the dets...

The property is on the east side of Hawaii, the big island, on 10
acres of fruit tree farm, overlooking the Pacific. Rates would be 50$
a day, $300 a week, $1000 a month, U.S. dollars, and if people were
interested in meals we could cook them (gourmet vegetarian meals) for
breakfast $10 per person, lunch $15, and dinner $20. The contact
number would be 808-965-6171 (we are three hours behind Pacific time,
4 hours behind mountain time). It is an organic fruit farm where we
are staying, and the place we are renting out and managing is two
bedroom, one bathroom, fridge, stove, and awesom view, super super
quiet. Lots of mana (energy) from nearby volcanos and ocean.

They were really cool people who stayed with me for a few weeks in Fernie, BC. Good peeps, give them a call if your interested.


Thanks! Actually the company is only picking up the tab for 4 days, so I'm on the hook for a few on my own.. the company place is a little pricey, so this is great!
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Cool, I bet if they are not too busy, and you say that DJ Dave from Fernie BC sent ya, they might cut you a deal as well, or at least suggest a place to stay for cheap if they are full. I will send them an email so they have a heads up.



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Originally posted by Preroller
Going to System on Friday, and seeing my friends Skipper and Lurker on Saturday, and seeing Sarah Mixington play in person for the first time Sat night @ Tonic! I'm very proud of you Sarah, and I'm really looking forward to it! :D :D :D

I have been doing the happy dance for the last hour!


awww Dave! I just saw this thread now. That's so sweet - thanks!



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My work has a ton of sales promos and the lastest was a $2 500 travel voucher from Amex which I won this week... so I am fairly excited about that :)
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