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when exboyfriends turn annoying. VENT THREAD


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ok i guess i'm just venting.
if you care to respond! thank you i appreciate it.
otherwise, carry on...

feel free to use this as the vent thread from past

here's a little background info.

i met this guy years ago, when i lived in toronto- and accidently got back in touch with guy because we're both online semi-ravers or at least we still post and stuff... i dated this guy, [last sept-early november] he fell in love with me, and i didn't love him back. [i obviously made him very upset] we dated for almost 2 months? saw each other maybe 5 times? it was long distance, and i worked alot... so did he... [nothing right? a simple oh well? it didn't work out? sorry?]

and i tried to be friends with him after that.
about january last year, he had had enough of me i guess?
saying i lied to him, and all this SHIT [shit=he's been going on and on and on for what, almost a year now?]

he claims he's out to make my life on the internet miserable.
that he's there to "point out my flaws, and push my buttons"
he calls me fat, and ugly, and always makes jokes every chance he can get on various messageboards (obviously not this one) about me, about how i'm a lier and slut, and blah blah [typical i hate you exboyfriend comments]

the thing is, he's just pathetic to me.
he thinks he's making me cry or something?
like i care what he thinks?
he doesn't make me cry, or what he says doesn't bother me.

it only bothers me that i can't even play "nice" on the internet without him harrassing me. it's getting old. and quite ANNOYING.

he's been spoken to by moderators a few times so now he just pm's me harassing me, but that doesn't moderate the comments on other boards, or on purerave in my pictures, in my journal, private messages...

what do you do about a guy like this?

ignoring him, doesn't work.
responding to him maturely doesn't work.
trying to "talk things out" so we can be at least civil, doesn't work.
do i want to keep posting on message boards? well- that's debateable, but i refuse to be pushed out by some loser like this.

most recent: [yesturdays message]

K lets just get this straight once and for all. I HATE YOU. I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. you are a piece of fucked up shit. I am not lying when I say u have gotten fat. You have and you can clearly see it. Narissa you need to open your eyes and see just how many people laugh at you on a daily basis. It's even funnier when you act all friendly to these people too. Your a tool. You are one of the most stupiest persons I have ever met. Like look at yourself? your how old? 23, living with mom..working a dead end job..doing jack shit with your life, cept getting fatter and dumber. You seriously just need to do us all a favour and cease living. We dont need more fake people like you in this world.

i claim he's never gotten over me :)
that just bugs him more ! hahah

he uses these LAME stabs like OUCH THEY HURT MY FEELINGS.
when they don't, i thought maybe bugging him to actually be funny with his comments would be more amusing... then he just says "i'm not here to be funny, i'm here to make you cry"

ya i'm 23.
ya i live at home.
ya i work at home depot.

so what? i'm not ashamed of it.

i'm saving for college, so i don't have to get osap
[because we're still paying off my old debt, and to be considered not-with my parents income, i have to be out of school for 4 years] i've applied for september.
starting january on top of working over 40 hours a week, i'm volunteering with troubled teens and working with a coordinator for programs to keep kids/teens off the streets, and into learning and focusing on their futur.

all i want, is my time spent surfing and wasting time on the internet to be a good one. i'm just tired of this guy. it's been almost a year, like you'd think he'd given up by now?

and how pathetic is this?
it's ridiculous.

i don't care if i've gained weight since him and i dated.
i'm still thinner than i was before i started doing drugs, and starving myself etc... so honestly i think i'm healthy.

plus, give me a break- one size different is nothing.
from a 7- 8/9 big deal! and oh ouch, my double chin...
like that's something i care about. i had one before, i have one now. it's not like it's this big surprise that now that i'm nto shoving mad amounts of meth up my nose, or starving myself that it's like i've never seen myself look like this.

this is how i was before the drugs,
so as far i'm concerned this is ME.

but FUCK, if i had the level of immurity he does
i would sink to his level.
but i've tried to be positive towards all this,
and actually try and bite my tongue and be nice to him,
because i just feel like there's no point in acting like a grade schooler like he is. i'm 23, for fuck sakes.

anywayz thanks for listening.
i'm just glad i got that out.

i guess this should be in the "nobody cares thread" huh?

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...wow that's rather childish of him!
If you feel good about yourself, and your life situation just ignore him....if that STILL doesnt work..just think about how much effort he is putting into trying to make you cry and then you will see what a loser he is.
Next, Get him tracked down....and get his ass kicked....people like that are annoying and need a good ass kicking.

Hope it works out for you.

p.s: i too have an annoying ex....but i cannot post about it..incase he checks this board!! shhh
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Originally posted by PolishPrincess
...wow that's rather childish of him!
If you feel good about yourself, and your life situation just ignore him....if that STILL doesnt work..just think about how much effort he is putting into trying to make you cry and then you will see what a loser he is.
Next, Get him tracked down....and get his ass kicked....people like that are annoying and need a good ass kicking.

Hope it works out for you.

p.s: i too have an annoying ex....but i cannot post about it..incase he checks this board!! shhh

ya ignoring him, apparently doesn't work.

the effort he puts into this? really is humurous to me.
seriously he's a laughing stock with me and my friends,
hm what can he come with up with next?

oh another fat joke! oh good....

i wish he'd get new material at least.



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Originally posted by exrboy
Whew...I thought this thread said when exrboyfriends turn annoying.

lol. me too!

skyparty, all you can do about this is to completely avoid anything to do with the guy, including message forums that you both frequent. at least change your alias. what's an alias worth anyway? an alias + $5 will buy you coffee at starbucks...
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new to t.o.

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I have a current boyfriend who's annoying so I don't fit into this thread at all :)

I think you should start ignoring him. Any reaction will spur him on. Delete his PMs without reading them.


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can you really call a "2 monther" to be an "ex boyfriend"...?


i say ignore it... or have fun
bashing him, too... either way...
i'm sure you have shit on him...

small wee wee...?
2 pump chump, maybe...?
farts smell like pure death...?
fungal infections on his feet?

i'm sure you got something....

but going that route doesn't give you
any "i was better than that" priviledges
once he realizes how immature he's being...


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Hey Skyparty, this guy is obviously a geek.

The insults he has hurled at you are the steretypical "ooooohh no girl likes to be called......" so he obviously has nothing on you.

Sounds to me like he is still (mentally) in grade 7

Im 25 and still live at home with mommy and daddy, I love it!
People try to diss me about that, I just tell them they are jealous they don't have parents as cool as mine.

If I were you I would fight fire with fire, sign him up to some of those "free" gay porn sites, all you need is an email!

Good Luck!


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I'm always amazed at people who write shit like that. In 5 years they're going to cringe when they think back to all the people they've tried to hurt, most unsuccessfully.

In reality, people like that are very lonely inside.
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You need to ignore it.

By the amount you wrote in that post, and the explainations, I can tell you are letting it get to you too much.

I know it's annoying, but don't even second guess what he thinks of you. You're trying to rationalize his inults and explain them out to us. You shouldn't have to do that.

Just ignore him. Don't respond to him. Don't awknowledge his existence.


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yep, candace is right. sounds like you really *are* letting it get to you. and i don't blame you! that's some harsh shit, regardless of how dumb he's making himself sound.

ignore him.
ignore him.
ignore him.

if you stop replying and stop defending yourself, he'll back off. i can't think of any other way to get him to leave you alone. keep your mouth shut. keep your dignity in tact. and be the bigger person. <---not a fat joke.

good luck.



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I agree w/ everyone who says ignore. Or you may want to quote him and point out his spelling errors.

i had an exBF that was constantly harassing me. filling up my voicemail w/ long-winded messages. calling my house and e-mailing to get anything he ever gave me back (most notably a 3/4 full bottle of lube) he also sent out a mass e-mail to me friends about how bad of a GF i was and how i didn't want to work things out when he tried to and how good he was to me blah blah. (one of my friends e-mailed him back telling him to grow the fuck up). eventually he got bored and he stopped, but by that time he had behaved so imaturely none of our mutual friends stayed friends w/ him.
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This guy sounds like a real peice of work. May I suggest pouring sugar in his gas tank?:D

Or a good old fashioned beating as suggested by PolishPrincess.


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yup he definetly has an inferiority complex if ever there was one.

ignore it.




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Ignore it! Even if it means you don't post on the internet as much as you'd have. Plus, there's no need for self-affirmation on your behalf. OR get him a restraining order OR get a cop to place a call at his house. Each of these will work!


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What about 'when exes put you through an emotional roller coaster and turn you into a horrible monster'?

I'd post more in this thread but I'd rather wallow in my self pity. I'm going to go back to bed and bawl my eyes out.
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