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What's your ringtone?


TRIBE Member
I got a couple.

But my general catch all is:

Eid Takbeer by Other - MP3 Nasheed

I get a lot of unpleasant, or perhaps confused looks, when my phone rings.
Allah help me if I'm ever in an airport and you are just DYING to phone me.

Eh? Eh? AdRiAn? Get it? Airport? Muslims? Dying? Ahhhhh.

OK anyway there are many great MP3 variations of the same dude saying something useless.

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It was a little bit embarrassing when it went off during a staff meeting :eek:. Usually have it set to mute during the day.
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Sal De Ban

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it used to be a recording of my voice imitating an old-timey telephone. now it's the cricket chirping - the same sound you can hear in a club when I DJ.

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