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What's your official work title?

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No need to name your company... just the title you hold at your current employment.

Mine: Software Quality Assurance Analyst

What it means: I debug software. Make sure it does what it's supposed to, and I try to break it so we can make it unbreakable. In short, I'm a computer geek, and I play with computers all day.

What are you? What do you do?
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Administrative Assistant, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affiars.

...sure, doesn't sound like much, but this is the best and most challenging job I've ever had. Most rewarding as well.
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i have no idea what my official title is

technically i'm Team Lead - Inside Sales but i'm hiring right now and will be Mgr Telemarketing

once i transition off some older accounts, my email tag will read: acct mgr - Healthcare & Public Sector
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mine: first class firefighter - fire suppression - operations division

what it means: i get to put 'wet stuff on the red stuff', generally get to break/demolish things when required to gain access or to get at tight spots to put fires out (only when absolutely required of course), use some pretty cool tools and other 'apparatus' when required and generally help people out when they require it. fun stuff. lol

when i'm not doing that, i'm gereally in 'Shenanigan Procurement and Facilitation' and sometimes i'm an 'Underground Deepness Co-ordinator'... a jack of all trades and master of none really.



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Right now: Research Coordinator

basically involves helping to do audits at my work
researching companies we are branding blah blah blah

soon to be: Office Coordinator

where I will be running tings
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