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What's Your HAPPY PLACE???????

Temper Tantrum

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1. My bed. There is absolutely nothing better then waking up on a day when the snow is falling outside not too the sound of alarm clocks or screeching roomates and realizing I can fall right back asleep and bury myself in my comforter.

2. The Charles Gate Bridge in Prague. My first night in the Czech Republic I got lost and was wandering around and came across this bridge and it took my breath away. Everything was silent, and the snow was falling and the moon was brilliant like glass in the sky and there was hardly anyone around. The utter stillness and peacefulness of that will always stay with me.

3. Underwater - There's something incredible about scuba diving. I tend not to look so much at the fish/coral but up towards the roof of the water. There's something amazing about this glass ceiling where air and water meet.

4. The Colloseum in Italy - Wandering around living history, you can almost feel the prescense of the ancient world. Standing by Pompei's statue where Caesar was murdered, wandering through crumpled and ancient pillars....I fell in love with Italy in that place.

5. When your lying in bed and someone's arms encircle you from behind. there is absolute NOWHERE more safe and special to me then to have someone hold my tightly with my back against there chest, legs tangled in blankets with soft breath.

6. The hug of a good friend - When someone squeezes you just so tightly and everything - tears, pain, hurt - fades away because you know in that one moment that there is one person who loves you very much

7. Christmas morning. There's something about seeing my little cousins buried in mountains of ripped wrapping paper, the huges grins on their faces that touches my heart. The smell of french-toast that my mom is cooking, the lazy falling snow, the warm roasting fire. This christmas past was one of my best ones...

8. My bean bagchair with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. This one is self explanatory.

9. In the summer up the tree in the park right beside my house. There's this one tree I've used as my refuge since I was five years old, and there's this one niche that fits me perfectly high up in the branches. When I was 7 and ran away from home, I ran up that tree. When I got into a fight with my best friend when I was 10 and I thought it was the end of the world, I climbed up that tree. My first cigarette, my first heartbreak.....So many books read in the comforting shade of leafs over many a summer..That is my retreat.

10. Zanzibar North Coast - The water here are of a turquoise you wouldn't believe existed until you saw it with your own eyes. I have this one memory of waking up early one morning and deciding to go for a swim, and just chilling on the beach by myself smoking a cigarette as the sun rose, the most brilliant orange I had ever seen. There was a little naked boy, a beautiful black child (from the local village) playing in the water, and seeing the way the dawn light glinted of his skin and the grin on his face as he played with the rocks reminded me of the purity of happiness. The innocence of childhood. That moment is when Africa stole my heart forever.

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Nope, not anytime soon, Johanne.


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i am also extremely happy jumping on my bed- if ever i need to release tension, energy, get my mind of something, or celebrate some HHC...jumping on my bed is the best thing for it


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Klubmasta Will:
*hugs* for stargurl. (don't tell me you don't have a hullabaloo happy place.

I do.. but those things fade to the back of your mind when you're mind's the way that mine is.

Bed used to be a happy place before my crazy chronic insomnia..


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by joey:
Brokenbone - you are the new coolest person on the board

BassInMyFace - despite your bash at wrestling....
where were you all summer?
we had a tribe ultimate team, it was pretty sweet..

I dont live in TO, I assume that is where you guys play Ultimate? Maybe it is in the cards for this summer. I have a wicked toss!
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~Sitting outside on a warm summer's night with a pack of smokes and my best friend and talk for hours about anything and everything.

~Sitting in my parents room on a weekday night watching television with them as our new pupy snores away happily on my mother's lap.

~Waking up in the morning with a speacial someone to the sun rising and knowing there's just a lazy, comfortable day ahead.

~Coming hom e in the afternoon to my warm, comfortable bed for a nice, long nap.

~Walking late at night during a snowfall. Everything is so calm and peaceful. I did this tonight actually.

That's all I can think of right now!


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Originally posted by Libradragon
1. holding my nephew while he gazes up at me. without blinking.

2. driving with the window down, on a hot sultry summer day, with good music blaring from the car

3. fridays at 5pm, on my way out of the office to meet up with friends for the perfunctory weekend pint

4. los angeles, california. going for a long walk along venice beach with my three LA amigos

5. fleaflo's kitchen, summer of 2000

6. daydreaming about lying on a warm beach, margarita pitchers to my right, dutchies passed from the left

Was gonna start a new thread.......but i thought i'd make ammendments instead.

other happy places:

- march madness - basketball basketball everywhere! :eek:

- heart to heart talks with close friends until sunrise
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  • driving with the TOP down, wind blowing on my face and hair, with the best song(s) playing that you can sing along to
  • sharing a smile with someone from across the room and knowing exactly what they're saying
  • the first sip of beer at the black bull


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Originally posted by Klubmasta Will
jebus, what a sappy thread!!!!!!!

i am in a happy place right now. :)

4 more sleeps til tyler, chrome-dawg, mark the slizard and i set out on our cross-country trek to find the meaning of life. on the playa. just us, 30,000 of our closest friends and one huge-ass burning dude. (i hope he's wearing pants so i can yell "liarrr!!!!! pants!!! on!!! fire!!!" like in the tick.)

first date jitters are always good. nothing like the rush of first getting to know someone exciting and special.

This put a smile on my face :) Hope you guys have an amazing time, can't wait to hear all about it and take lots of pictures, make sure some one else other then Ivan takes them, the ones at WEMF were pretty cracky. :p (kidding). Have fun boys! :D

Klubmasta Will

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jebus, what a sappy thread!!!!!!!

i am in a happy place right now. :)

1. 4 more sleeps til tyler, chrome-dawg, mark the slizard and i set out on our cross-country trek to find the meaning of life. on the playa. just us, 30,000 of our closest friends and one huge-ass burning dude. i hope he's wearing pants so i can yell "liarrr!!!!! pants!!! on!!! fire!!!" (like in the tick).

2. first date jitters - there is nothing like the rush of first getting to know someone who totally blows your mind. especially when it's someone who actually makes you feel nervous and insecure ... although those are not great feelings, when someone brings those feelings out, you just know it's something special.

3. late-night sessions with the dangerhOUSe crew.

4. super-sunday trips, even though we didn't do nearly enough of them this year.

5. poker nights at the HoS - and counting my winnings afterwards.

6. cruising little india - stopping for a sugar cane drink, picking up some incense and having a bite at 'the new haandi'.

Klubmasta Will

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7. picking up your photos after an awesome road trip - there is nothing like photo albums to help you relive the good times. (i have WEMF photos finally - woohooo!!!)
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Originally posted by Libradragon
- driving down the pacific coast highway in cali

a truly stupendous drive, drove from LA to SF once, past Hearst castle, Big Sur, Monterrey, Carmel...i haven't travelled tons but i've been lucky to do that drive, and the Great Ocean Road in Australia

miss riot

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being in love & drum n bass

holding hands & deep house

- to me love is everything.

discovering new people that enthrall you;

having your world turned around by unexpected events;

just knowing.


& lamb's gorecki puts me in a place that surpasses everything.


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The deck of my parent's house. It's in the middle of the city, but seems like it's miles away...huge trees looming over you from the hill above, animals and birds, my cats doing hilarious things (all for attention I know it) and a cool tall man handing me some weed....
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aww michy! your happy place is our place. no? :)

you've got lots of happy places....just not really mentionable ones right?


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Only one happy place for me right now.

In the DJ booth with a full bar dancing and sweating.

Nothing else matters but the music.

For 6 hours.....I am content.
I like what many people have wrote, this is a nice thread....

1 happy place that comes to mind and I think everyone on TBK can/should relate to.....

That feeling when at a sick party, at about 4 or 5am when the crowd has 'filtered' out a little bit...you look around and all you see are beautiful people smiling, dancing, grooving.... shaking their asses...some with eyes closed, some with a significant other, some alone, some with a group of friends.... but everyone is into the music and is having a blast.... period..... nothing else matters...... It's that moment when you are partying that you wished the night would never end and that you could capture that moment time and time again.

"Music is the answer" - DT




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Originally posted by mcbee
my cottage nothing like sitting on the deck, with a book, a beer and the sun. or around the dining room table, having a fabulous dinner that goes late into the nite, with 10 friends.

man, i was bang on with that. just had a weekend like that at my cottage:D

sooo good.
sun, stars, laughter, naked swimming, my friends, ALOT of good food...life was reallly good for 3 days. thanks guys!

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