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What's Your HAPPY PLACE???????

Klubmasta Will

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(Inspired by a conversation with everyone's favourite Libradragon ...)

What are your happy places? What are the moments or places that make life worth living? Here are some of mine:

1. Watching the sun rise at Lake Rosseau in the summertime. Something about the smell of morning just makes the world make more sense.

2. Sitting in a movie theatre as the lights slowly start to dim. Anticipation is everything.

3. Watching the Fox pre-game show minutes before kickoff of an NFL playoff game. Again with the anticipation thing.

4. Visiting Ron’s Comic Room at the Paperback Exchange in Scarborough. Spending the day flipping through comic books, shooting the shit with Mr. Clarke and Troy. If I was a religious man, this would be my church (it’s where I go when I need to think).

5. Driving up to a party and seeing a long (but not crazy) line-up. You can often tell how hype the party will be by the electricity in the air on the way in.

6. Lecturing to a class at Osgoode. I’ve been doing it for over a year and it still makes me nervous and gives the best damn adrenaline rush you could imagine.

7. Landing at the airport in a foreign country, not being able to speak the language, finding a cab driver who speaks a *bit* of English and saying “Take me to where the action is …”

8. Standing at the door of a plane, 15,000 feet in the air, your heart in your throat, getting ready for a 65 second freefall that will change your perspective on life itself.

9. Getting ready for ‘The Great Canadian Paintball Game’ in Keswick (the best playing field in Ontario imho) to start. As the whistle blows, you hear the refs on their walkee-talkees “FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE ... GO!GO!GO!GO!GO!GO!GO! GOOOOOO!!!” It always gives me chills.

10. Waking up Sunday morning and cooking breakfast for that special someone.

11. Waking up Saturday morning and knowing you have nothing to do except watch Batman cartoons.

12. Opening up a new DVD, sliding it into the player, cranking up the home theatre and just thinking “ohhh yeaaahhhhhh!!!”.

13. Taking off from work super early on Thursday to beat the rush hour traffic as you embark on a long-weekend road trip with your best friends.

14. Waiting patiently for a 24 ounce porterhouse (with large side of mushrooms) at The Tulip.

15. Spending Sundays with my dad. Taking care of him, helping him eat, talking to him about anything (even though he can no longer answer), or just holding his hand and watching football.

Those are the first that come to mind ... I may add more later.

So ... what are your special places and special moments?
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Klubmasta Will:

1. Watching the sun rise at Lake Rosseau in the summertime. Something about the smell of morning just makes the world make more sense.

That's a definite Yes. I love it up there. Some of my best memories are from that lake.


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Walking outside my house and hearing the train's horn from 10 km away.. it's really eeerie to most but very comforting to me.

Being surrounded by fog at night.

Highway driving at nightime, alone.

My girl falling asleep in me arms.

DNB/Junle+Weed+warm place.



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happy places:

-McMullen's bar in Waterloo. it's all about the beer and wings special with a little bit of pool on the side.

-sitting on a dock up in cottage country sipping on a beer and gettin stoned. one of the most relaxing and enjoyable experiences was at mcbee's cottage.

-the b-side. i've had fun anytime i've ever gone there. it's so laid back.

-anywhere that i get to listen to andy c is a happy place too.

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1. hearing the familiar sound of CBC radio in the morning everytime I go home (the essence of what it is to be home with my parents is cbc radio)

2. any performance, after the initial nervous shakes subside, feeling my adrenaline still rushing making me feel so nice and warm on the inside and so excited

3. waking up on a Sunday morning only to be greeted by the warm arms of my spcial someone and laying my head down on his chest to listen to his heartbeat, all without saying a word.

4. sitting in my family room reading a book while my mom plays every single Chopin prélude on her piano

5. driving out into the middle of nowhere on a Saskatchewan dirt road only to stop, get out and sit on the hood of the car while gazing up at the stars

6. walking home in the winter alone, the streets empty, no noises to be heard and just breathing in the crisp clean air of Moose Jaw.

7. going for random walks with my dad talking about anything and everything that pops up into my head, making me feel like a little kid again.

8. being in a group of friends just hanging out. whether it be a dinner party, pre-drinking, watching a basketball game or just hanging out being with close friends is always a happy place to be.

9. going grocery shopping with my special someone. something about being able to overcome to agro feeling of the crowds by laughing at the produce and buying canned juices to ease the tension from the overpacked store.

10. and honestly... anything with Pete.

SUCH a good thread Will.
came at such a perfect time.

~ Johane

a perfect start to my day.


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My Bed!
Heavenly @ Lake Tahoe @ 10,000ft Elevation
My Turntables in my living room all alone, mixing whatever I wish, however I wish.



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by OTIS:

My girl falling asleep in me arms.


^^^ Dat man know! Dat man know!


Sitting with a beer in hand in a shadow of a 600 year old castle where Copernicus kicked Teutonic ass in my home town...

A campsite by the seaside, where my friends and I "defended our positions" against soccer hooligans and been coming there eversince (or whenever I go back home)...

Warsaw old town, especially the Monastery hill overlooking the river (Michal knows)

Anywhere in Amsterdam...

Driving on European Highways...

A Wine Cave in Cannes, where me and my girl accidentally found the best steak in all of France...

Anytime LOA's or it's memebers are in town...

My room and a book, with LOA in the background...

Behind the dex and in front of a bouncing dancefloor...

Adam Duke

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wow - great thread.

1. Killbear provincial park: full moon, sitting on the beach, listening to ambient music.

2. Killarney provincial park: anywhere, miles away from everyone.

3. I'm with the other dj's - a happy place is behind the decks. (especially with my dj co-pilot, kf)

4. The sigh of relief after throwing a party and realizing that all the stress was so worth it, because everyone had a great time.

5. bathtub with a candle and more ambient music.

6. Driving.



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A studio, 8:20am every morning with 2 CD decks, and a mixer and no one around....

My roof in the summer with a cooler, radio, and a book

Disneyland/World. That place was just magical, a smile never left my face.
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Booty Bits

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1. sitting in my family's living room on a winter weekend afternoon, in front of a fire that my dad has made, everyone reading the newspaper, listening to Definitely Not the Opera on CBC.

2. cuddling with my boy.

3. laughing with my bitchateers.


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1. "The Point" at Cawaja Beach

2. Any dancefloor filled with familiar faces

3. Going home and seeing my family

4. And best of all, being any place and seeing a friend, acquantance, etc....



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Booty Bits:
3. laughing with my bitchateers.</font>



cooking for people i dig

waking up at my mum's cottage in the wintertime at 4 am cause someone's rattling around putting another log in the woodstove

sleeping with my kittens

being woken up by groping

back doodles

the first pint when i visit the fams in ireland

my grandmothers

swimming in cross lake


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1&gt; Finding a nice quiet spot on a river.........listening to the water splash over rocks........*starts daydreaming*......

Oh and catching a fish is always good for a rush!

2&gt; Seeing the sunrise........while partying, camping or whatever........

3&gt; Jeremy's crotch.......


orange richie

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by AT-AT:



^^^ Ahh yes, Poland.

Although I only spent 6 years of my life there, it is where I grew up and I visit regularely (I'm do for one soon). There's something about Europe that soothes my soul. There's just has a more relaxed and genuine way of life there...

Waking up in the early morn at my cabin, taking a walk to the cliffs and looking down at the misty lake. Then sparking up a J and going on day long canoe adventure.

Taking my boat out with friends and endulging in water sports: such a rush and good exercise.

Biking on the road, trials, whatever... it's always fun. (didn't do this for a long time).

Spinning at a house party and making the party happen.

DJ'ing at a club and getting a rush from the crowd response. There's something about being in the middle of an intense mix that other people than yourself are feeling.

Late night jams with fellow DJ's. Spark up a J and let the records play...

Taking my 'crotch rocket' out for a boot. This is the biggest rush! Better than any drug or party. There's just something about sitting on two wheels and going down an empty winding road towards the sunset. What a stress reliever...

Driving a car in the middle of the night on an empty highway with music playing....Peace...

Taking a hot bath and just relax for a change. (need to do this more often)

Waking up knowing that I have a great family and friends to share my life with, even though we may have our differences at times.

Thanks Will, this thread made my day... well, more relaxing...

Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...
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Whiskey-a-go-go they have the best looking girls with the Biggest Breasts!

Subsonic Chronic

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Seeing my girl's angelic face when I wake up.

My spot on the couch at my dad's after a big meal.

My bed. God I love my bed.

There's something really comfortable about Metropolis records too. hehe...



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1. Lying in the sun, feeling the heat on my skin, chatting with friends

2. Smoking a joint in Algonquin Park.

3. When my dog comes to watch TV with me and cuddles up as close as she can get.

4. When I cry in my mom's arms.

5. Breathing in the air of a different country ( any country). Just breathing the air.

6. When a Trance DJ just stops the music, and I can still feel it in body.

7. When my friends and I just laugh...

8. Watching my dad turn into a softie. And be a man.

9. Driving. Going on a road trip, going home after a party. Just driving.

10. Sitting by an open camp-fire, with a beer. Or being at a cottage.

11. When I just think about things that happened recently, and smile.



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1. holding my nephew while he gazes up at me. without blinking.

2. driving with the window down, on a hot sultry summer day, with good music blaring from the car

3. fridays at 5pm, on my way out of the office to meet up with friends for the perfunctory weekend pint

4. los angeles, california. going for a long walk along venice beach with my three LA amigos

5. fleaflo's kitchen, summer of 2000

6. daydreaming about lying on a warm beach, margarita pitchers to my right, dutchies passed from the left


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1. My best friends cottage on Sturgeon Lake, Canada day long weekend, waking up in my designated best friend bed, stepping over the rest of the crew passed out on the floor, on my way to the ultimate hangover remedy, an early dive in the drink.

2. 1st tee at Silver Lakes Golf Club (just n. of Newmarket, worth every penny)

3. Any outdoor basketball court, but especially harbourfront at about 1p on Sunday afternoon

4. Gondola on the way up at Whistler...talk about anticipation

5. Crawling back into bed on Saturday morning, having brushed my teeth, poured my OJ, picked up my Globe&Mail, spun that favourite spliff of the week, turning to Leah McLaren...

6) Aria later on that night (can't get enough of that place!!)
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1. SAILING with my Dad, not racing although I love that as well, but picking a spot in the distance and tacking upwind to get there.

2. The smell of sea air. I fully intend on moving to the Florida Keys when I'm old and wrinkly.

3. Driving. Either by myself late at night or long roadtrips with friends/family

4. Eating popcorn in a movie theatre.

5. Arriving back home in Toronto after being away for several months.

6. reading in bed

uuummmm.... that's all I can think of right now.



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(from a few years ago)
early summer morning...algonquin park...mist across the lake & the sound of the water lapping up against the rocks...the sun has not yet risen, but it's rays are starting to reach out across the morning sky...

(from last summer)
any evening at a cottage on the dock...everyones talking & then silence as we all look up into the darkness & look in awe at the millions of stars...

starting off on a roadtrip w/ some of your good friends...leaving from hockey at 10:30 on a sunday night (with intentions of driving all night) to south carolina...the adrenaline runs out about 2am...darkness through pennsylvania & most of west virginia...but spending 7am looking over the new river gorge as the sun comes up over the west virginian mountains...

sitting window seat in a plane, & looking out over the land down below or into the blue sky stretching off into forever...

first day of vacation...

dj'ing a party where everyone is into the same groove...making eye contact w/ the crowd & having people come up after & shake your hand (not only when they are toronto raptors
, but good friends) saying what a wicked job!!! knowing that night was something special...

hanging out, waking up, or just being with someone special...



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-waking up at sunrise to go feed the horses..fresh smell of leather, and hay, and things are all quiet outside..sun is rising, there is no better moment than that

-when things feel overwhelming, and i go home to my gramma, and we play video games, and yaytzee, and talk. and i realize that all those annoying things really arent that big of a deal at all

-queen street with Jo, and people watching and gabbing..gabbing, gabbing, gabbing

-after a stressful, or overly busy day; comeing home to my bed, and my cats.

-sushi with friends...my fave.


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Checkin' out of work early on a warm summer's Friday afternoon. Driving down the DVP with the window down, warm air blowin' through the car, the perfect cd in the player, and the whole weekend ahead of me with nothing to do, and yet everything to do.
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