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What's your Favourite Salad Dressing


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Getting a little sick of Renee's and Newmans. Anybody have any favourite dressings from some more specialty type companies? Or any reccommendations for dressings beyond the normal caesar, ranch, blue cheese type shtuff?

thanks for the suggestions


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anything homeade..

olive oil, red wine vinegar or baslamic or lemon juice, honey, and spices.. shake and enjoy.


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pepcorn ranch or ceasar, but lately I've also been enjoying a beet vinegrette that goes well with spinach and red peppers.


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The best salad dressing that exists in the market today is Vidalia Onion Salad Dressing, (can't remember the brand name, but it's not a generic Kraft type brand or anything). It is only available at Costco though. It is the BEST. I have hooked several people onto this dressing and am now almost like a little supplier. I seriously once gave it to my friend as her bday gift. The best thing about it, if you're weight conscious, is that it is a creamy tasting dressing but has no cream in it. I highly suggest you check it out.

And yes, I wrote this post without even a hint of irony.