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Whats your favorite lable of the year?


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I think mine's Fat!

Ive got about 6 of their records...the last 4 were from the past 8 months or so.

The last 3 realeses Ive been playing in heavy rotation...and NEVER get sick of.

And the newest release by Freindly "10 Things You Need To Know" is just darn cool.

Always consistant, yet each release has its own sound.
Good funk sans le fromage.

Yep. Good shize Fat! keep it coming :D
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^^^^Ya id have to agree either that or jalepeno the stuff skewiff have been puttin out are straight up funk fo yo ass instrumental breaks and im lovin it!!!


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"Rinse, Lather, Repeat"

yep, words to live by.

umm, okay for real though,

Social Circles, it's not "breaks" but definatly worth checking out.

Justin, you like those two records I gave you?
Tales From the Hood and Bounce?

Peace Ira


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Well for consitent dancefloor tunes:

Marine Parade
10 Kilo

Labels with more progressive leanings that really impress me are:

Sound not Scene

And of course always impressive MOB of Tayo.

However, there are still those tracks that kind of slip under the radar and merit our attention. I'd suggest that Botchit and its subgroups are really pushing some limits, even usurping Fuel in my opinion with their Trigger saga as the absolute cutting edge of breakbeat. The Lawgiverz concluding offer in the series, "Reality" is just absolutely mindbending, and without a doubt one of the freshest and most forward thinking offerings of the year. While these aren't tunes for the dancefloor they are however important contributions to the ever evolving genre and should not just be dismissed as experimental.

Some of the breakout labels this year are really occuring outside of the UK though, at least that's how I see it. Viperjive and Mantra are both releasing some inspired tech-funk that can only be considered to be the product of the nu-school fall out and a resurgance in tracks with funky sensibilty while maintaing complex percussion and warm bass.

Saving the best for last; the talent we have right at home is really inspiring. As a passionate Canadian it really moves me to see such formidable works being produced right here on our own soil. The entire 2 Wars label group has really embodied a solidarity and commitment to quality that is really representative of the tightness of our scene.

Here's to bigger and better things to come!
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