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whats you plan NYE?


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I'm keeping it pretty low profile this NYE, some frineds of mine have a weekly club night that happens to fall on NYE so I'll go down and support them and then likly go back to one of their places after for a small little after party.
what about you? are you staying in Vancouver?
I knwo theres always the Generic Mcravey NYE thing I think twisted is doing one this year. If I could I'd be going to shine I really like that place and it seems like itwould be a fun spot to do NYE .


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I wanna be there with you...sipping champagne..OKAY but realistically (sp?)dancing our assess off..or shaking them, what ever comes first. AND the kiss at midnight! That would be my favorite part. Well, I guess we wil save that for when I get back. Tee hee.


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I wish :D
But we'll do our own new years once you get back out here :)
Colm, Kprior, SSS, shann etc what are you guys planning on doing.
whats going on in whistler for NYE?
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Im heading off to Fernie for a few days to visit some friends.

As for whats going on in Whistler id say its a safe bet that it will be the same ole over priced top 40 nights at the bars and there will be a whole lotta house parties.


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probably a house party.
i have my best girlfriend and her boyfriend here at that time so we might just have a chill evening at home (it's been a good while since I have spent time with her so ya)