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What's wrong with being a 'soccer mom?'


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I don't get it, does soccer mom equate to loser?

from an article about minivans...

"She noted that she's not entirely thrilled with the soccer mom image projected by the minivan.

Her experience is fairly typical of minivan owners, the Maritz (research comp) survey shows."

You live in the burbs, you have kids. Big deal. Lots of people are like this.

But you were probably lame in the first place. Maybe the term soccer milf would be better?
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Littlest Hobo

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Soccor moms are irritating, yet yummy in that "oooh I'm gonna debauch you something stupid" kind of way.

I can picture some of my child rearing friends becoming soccor moms.

Booty Bits

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its because women get a bit older, get married, have some kids, and before they know it, they're being looked at like soccer moms.
they still FEEL young and vivacious and cool, but when it comes down to it, they need to buy a minivan instead of a sexy sports car cuz it just doesn't jive with their new lifestyle.
so car companies make sexy minivans now so these women can feel like empowered professionals who just also happen to spend most of their day wiping up oatmeal and driving kids to practice.
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Littlest Hobo

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The soccor mom mentality is based on the notion that their child is the brightest, cutest, greatest thing ever, and anything that inferes with those notions must go.

Boobs, cussing, boozing, bumping uglies, all these things that as children we aspired to do are a big no-no to soccor moms, because little Jimmy might get ideas. Society must conform it's hedonist ways to insure little Jenny doesn't grow up to be a hedonist. Soccor moms tend to believe their generation are the first to have children.

Cool moms like Anne Leibowitz, soccor moms like Anne Geddes.


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I will never drive a mini van.

Soccer mom = living for and through you kids, and buying into the yppie / capitalist mentality that they have to constantly be doing things (ie soccer, after shool programs) to be engaged in society and to become worthwhile adults. There are actually kids who didn't kow how to play together creatively because their lives were so structured and busy they never had free play time.


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i hate mini-vans! they're trecherous to other drivers on the road, they're butt fugly and downright irritating.

by contrast, soccer moms are okay in my books. :)


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I'm not sure what's wrong with being a soccer mom,
but there's nothing wrong with doing a soccer mom.
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