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What's with all these 'Mystery Rooms' springing up everywhere in Toronto?


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I swear I have seen at least 5 different 'Mystery Room' places while just biking around this afternoon...

What goes on in them anyway...
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It's huge in L.A. Did one at my brother's bachelor party.

It's kind of role playing in a limited amount of time, trying to solve a puzzle that's been put together. You have to piece together the clues in order in a set amount of time in order to "escape" the situation.

I didn't think it was that great an idea - kind of struck me as a bit of a hot trend going on.
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they just sold out a few new ones in the tunnels under Casa Loma.


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My friends and I have become hooked on it, in particular Captive on Elm Street. The rooms are really well done and challenging and we laugh our asses off all the way through. :)
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Saw them advertising one at Casa Loma (that would be interesting).

I've got some co-workers that have bee to a few around the city and the really enjoy it


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I did one on the weekend with my brother and brother in law, and it was really enjoyable. It's not expensive and is a good time. I'll definitely be doing others!


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I've done three: escaped 2, failed one. I really enjoy it, particularly when the plot is cute and clever and it's not just puzzles upon puzzles.

Makes me appreciate Toronto's night life: I just did a Mystery Dinner theatre and it was a lot of fun too. Hammy actors but it was part of the charm.
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I was a hater but my wife kept bugging me to do one, so I took her on a date night. It was actually pretty fun and we didn't fight as much as I thought we would while doing it. I definitely wouldn't do it with more than 4 people at once though.


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Its been around a while - my highschool friends did one in the 90s

guess someone franchised or something??

glych t.anomaly

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I have heard good things about the Casa Loma locations.

A few friends and I have been planning on going for a while, but as stated the Casa Loma locations are booked quite far in advance.

Plot Twist - We were not going to go sober. I have heard these rooms are not easy to get out of, they change the overall methods of getting out slightly between each session, so that you cannot tell others how to beat the room.
So our plan was to get all mind bent on some mind altering substances and go nuts with a solid 4-6 people group that we plan on having ' interviews ' for during dinner/drinks hangout outs by talking about these rooms and seeing how peoples subjective problem solving nuances play out, with the hopes of building our ' Dream Team '

I am looking quite forward to it hahaha.