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What's Up in April in Beautiful MTL


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I'm hoping some of you Montreal people can help me out.

I'm swooshing into town Apr 21-29 and looking for action.

I just wanted to CONFIRM what I've heard and ask about anything else.

  • April 22 - Sander K @ Stereo
  • April 27 - Laurent Garnier @ Parking

Thank you very much & cheers,

- C -
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Thanks for the tips. I'll be in Montreal April 20-30th, and am looking for something to do! :D


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daomegirl MTL said:
April 27th:Mark Farina at Club 1234
Farina .. wow :eek: same night as Garnier. and who says MTL doesn't have it good? ;)

I can't find any info on this Farina night. Is it still on?? What are the likely set times? Trying to catch both Farina and Garnier if possible.
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anyone familiar with goodlife crew? that's who the email is from...I'm wondering if they havea website. even mtlnights.com is without info on this. that's sort of suspect.