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What's there to do on Tuesday?


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I have a visitor from California coming up, and I want to show her that Toronto is a world class city in terms of night life. She's leaving on Wednesday, so we plan to go out on Tuesday. I've never gone out in Toronto on Tuesday, where's a good place to go?


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I'm sure someone here'll come up with something, but that's about the worst night of the week....had my birthday last year on a Tues and went to about 4 places looking for something happening.


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Bamboo is still kickin large on tues night. Oh yeah, a little game of hockey is going down tomorrow too.

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twonie tuesday at pizza pizza, a half price movie and the hockey game.

that's classy.


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The Ambient Ping @ C'est What -I dunno what the usual crowd is like, since I've only been once but it's a regular ambient techno/live pa night.

Might not be exciting enough, the hockey mentions are # 1 tomorrow, Toronto in full effect if we win (god willing)