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What's the weather like in San Fransisco


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Does anyone know?

During the winter especially?

what's the coldest it gets? Like a cold fall day here? Like a warm winter day? or warmer?


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i went in the middle of february and it was AMAZING weather but i think it was a bit of an anomaly -- it was around 15-16 during the day and got down to around 4-5 at night. generally i think you're looking at 10-15 degree highs though

check the environment canada website; they should have seasonal temps.


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depends on where in san fran you're referring to ... anywhere close to the bay will get *very* cold and windy. a winter jacket is sometimes needed.

but if you're talking about the core or in the greater bay area it is generally nice during the day (light clothes, possibly t-shirts most days) ... at night it can dip down to close to freezing but normally not under.

i was just there in december and it was nice for the most part, a fall jacket was all i needed for the week at night.